Forgive the Democrats for they know not what they do

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Banner at University Methodist Church – UT Austin on Feb. 4, 2017. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

They say politics is the art of compromise. They also say absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This is what concerns me about the Progressive Movement.

It now controls so much of what we see and hear, that compromise is no longer necessary.

I began to notice, after Barack Obama became president, that traditional American values were in grave danger. When Biden took office, he began to systemically unravel the very fabric of America.

I wonder: when the fruits of all this “progress” become apparent – when the nuclear family is a memory; when sex as we know it has been erased; when capitalism has been replaced by socialism, will Democrats be sorry?

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind

The end of compromise.

After all, why should they compromise? The Democratic Party, or (if you prefer), the Progressive Movement now controls most of our society.

It’s no secret they take control of our children in pre-school and begin the indoctrination.

On through kindergarten, grade school, and into college, the Progressive Movement has custody of virtually all our young people and molds them into a specific way of thinking.

Audio:  University of Oklahoma Nursing School Grads forced to take woke pledge May 14, 2022.

By the time they reach adulthood, they’ve been adjusted, and it is difficult to reprogram them.

If schools are the worst influence on children and youth, social media isn’t far behind.

Bring up a mental picture of a teenager, you’ll probably visualize him or her with a face buried in a smartphone.

We know the crimes that Old Twitter committed against free speech, and we now that Mark Zuckerberg has admitted on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the FBI approached Facebook about censorship as well.

Video:  Zuckerberg goes on the Joe Rogan podcast”  “The FBI came to us…”

Then there’s popular culture where young people are influenced by left-wing rock stars, TV shows, and movies.

The nation’s most influential move studio, Disney, is openly woke and uses its movies to groom children into the LGBTQ lifestyle. Disney owns Marvel Comics and Warner Bros. Discovery owns DC Comics. Superman now has a gay son who kisses his boyfriend in the comics.

Video:  Freaks in the Biden administration.  Sam Brinton is a textbook case.

Of course, the Mainstream Media news outlets are pushing woke progressivism too.

CNN may be sinking in the ratings, but the more its new owners demand change, the more CNN’s left-wing political programming remains the same.

MSNBC is ultra-liberal with open racism displayed daily on shows such as Joy Reid’s “Reid Out.”

Video: Race-based MSNBC at its worst.

The Associated Press is all-in for liberalism and a woke agenda and so is the odorous Texas Tribune, which exits for the sake of “journalism.”

Worst of all, many big city churches have abandoned Bible teaching in favor of secular, woke progressivism.

Of course, churches want to protect their tax-exempt status, and so the Word of God, which is not politically correct, must be replaced with secular humanism.

What tools does conservatism have to fight back?

FOX News and a couple of minor cable outlets. Talk Radio. Hillsdale College. A few conservative websites. The Epoch Times. A few low-circulation magazines. The Wall Street Journal op-ed page.

Bluntly, we’re outgunned and it isn’t even close. The progressive Left has no need to comprise with conservatives.

What has the Progressive Movement accomplished?

To understand what this movement is about, you first have to understand what they hate or have little respect for. Here’s a short list:

  • America as a free nation
  • The Constitution as a limit to government power
  • Capitalism and Free Enterprise
  • Unborn children
  • The traditional nuclear family
  • Freedom of speech
  • Traditional American heroes and icons

And here’s a short list of what they are interested in:

  • Equity and government-mandated outcomes
  • Social Justice (rather than justice for all)
  • Open borders
  • The dissolution of the traditional family
  • The homosexual/gay agenda
  • Socialism to replace capitalism
  • Climate Change as a way to redistribute wealth

If they pursue their agenda, the chances are good that they will succeed.

Already, they’ve implemented “cancel culture” that has taken down statues that have stood for generations; they have invented “gender affirming care,” that amounts to surgical mutilation; and they use so-called Climate Change to control how we live and what mode of transportation we’re allowed to use.

What will life be like when the Progressive Agenda is complete?

The textbooks will tell our children (as they already do) that America was a country born in racism, where there were only two “genders,” and where corporations became rich by raping Mother Earth.

We will have two classes: those who are elite and those who are not. Those who are not will be miserable, but happy in the knowledge that the planet is no longer being raped except by the elites.

Video:  The Democrats’ poster boy for elite big-shots:  John Kerry & his private jet

We will have total social justice for protected classes, but not for all. Protected classes will be different from the elite. Only the elite will have private jets. Commercial jets will be shut down to save the planet.

We will live in a nation of sterile people who tried to change their sex, but ended up being neither. They will regret that they cannot de-transition. But the elites will tell them it’s all right. They have 57 genders or more from which to choose. There will be no traditional families left.

We’ll all wear masks. All the time.

Does this sound like pure misery to you? Then fight back.

Ask God to forgive the liberals for what they are doing to the greatest country that ever existed on Earth. The vast majority of them have no clue what they are doing.

They’ve become sheep, blindly following in the footsteps of left-wing professors and political nutcases like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is one of the least tolerant politicians of our time.

Yes; ask God to forgive them for they know not what they do. Their success means ruin to our country. So in the name of heaven, forgive them. Then fight them like Hell!

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