From College to Kindergarten Your Tax Dollars at Work (PODCAST)

What is the Return On Investment (ROI) of the money government takes from you to fund schools?  would you be happy with the performance of schools if they were a business?

Likely not.

No big football factory university will put up with a 7-5 record for more than two years.  Texas dumped Tom Herman and Texas A&M dumped Jimbo Fisher.  But we still have our failed college presidents,  And we still have vastly overpaid school superintendents — based on what we get in return.


Here’s another joint episode for you, examining these issues:

Look at the madness on college campuses these days with the antisemitic, pro-Hamas protests and ask yourself:  What am I getting in return for my tax dollars that support these left-wing schools?

Then, think about your local schools where the top-heavy administration eats up more of your taxes, and yet so many students cannot read at grade level.  Lou Ann Anderson of Political Pursuits the Podcast and Lynn Woolley of Planet Logic discuss how bad the situation is, and what you can do about it – if anything.


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