Colleges and Universities are a Big Part of What’s Wrong with America

Signs of liberalism at the University of Texas at Austin on 9/2/23. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Colleges and Congress go together just like professors and politicians.  In fact, one seems to lead to the other.  It’s Congress that has put us into unfathomable debt, but it’s colleges where they were trained.

Our taxes partly fund left-wing colleges that invariably spew out left-wing politicians that go to Washington and do stupid things.

The mindless students that have been marching for Hamas at Columbia and Yale and the University of Texas are nothing more than a proxy for professors who don’t like America.  Some will end up in Congress where they are just as dumb, but have more power.  If we can fix our colleges, we can fix most of what’s wrong with America.

But who will step up to do it?

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Let’s get history out of the way first.

The two-state solution to fix the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is a pipe dream.  Israel has tried to negotiate with the Palestinians for decades.  They never accept any offer because they want the Israelis to be dead.  That’s what they mean when they chant “From the River to the Sea.”  When your neighbor wants you dead, there’s not much to hope for in the way of negotiations.  The two-state solution is Democrat Party claptrap. 

The land now called Israel has been disputed since recorded history. 

After the second World War, a teeny-tiny piece of land embedded in the Arab world was set aside for the Jews to have a place to live.  You may recall that millions of them had been murdered by Hitler, and they had no place to go.  Jews, in fact, are the most hated people on the face of the Earth and always have been.  So, they got a homeland in 1948, and the Arab world has attacked them ever since.

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Antisemitic college professors think it’s the Palestinians that have been mistreated.  They inculcate this into their students’ heads – and the result is the insanity of what has happened on America’s campuses.  Quite literally, these indoctrinated students have proclaimed that they are Hamas.  Hamas is a murderous, despicable, woman-hating, gay-hating, America-hating, freedom-hating, loathsome terrorist organization.

Video:  CBS Austin reports on the pro-Hamas demonstrations at the University of Texas.

The combination of left-wing professors and dumb, pliable students is dangerous.

I remember protests at the University of Texas just before and while I was a student there.  In the sixties, there was the Chuck Wagon riot.  Later, the Vietnam War riots.  The riots and attempted occupation at the University of California at Berkeley happened while Ronald Reagan was governor of California.

He was asked about negotiating with the student protesters.  Reagan replied that there was nothing to negotiate; students did not run the University.  He was right, but he had a backbone, and not a lot of college presidents have one these days.

Video:  California Gov. Ronald Reagan shows how to deal with campus protesters.

This is not to say that the students are always wrong.  They had a point with Vietnam.  But all their protests come from the left – always.  No exceptions.  College students claim to fight for the oppressed – but have you ever seen them march in support of the unborn child?  Hell no, you haven’t.

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Black people were once oppressed in America – not so much anymore.  Jewish people in America seem to get all the hate –even with our much-vaunted “inclusion” on college campuses.  The veil on that farce has been lifted.  The “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) programs that taxpayers help subsidize have led to the exclusion of Jewish people.  The State of Texas was right to outlaw those programs at tax-supported schools.  But what now?  What’s next?

It’s time to fire antisemitic, anti-American professors. 

The professors teaching this hatred, some of them tenured, are Problem Number One.  To fix our colleges, every one them across America must be firedProblem Number Two is weak-kneed college professors and trustees that know this is true, but won’t act.  In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott must make changes to the Board of Regents at big Schools such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M when needed.  This is Texas; not Gaza.  In Texas, we never should stand for hatred of anyone because that person’s race, ethnicity or religion – so long as that religion isn’t anti-American.

Problem Number Three is Congress and elected officials all the way up to the presidency who worry more about their own reelection than what’s happening to America.  Joe Biden works hard for his left-wing base.  Unfortunately, that means open borders, massive spending, wealth redistribution, high crime, and wars overseas.

Donald Trump, on the other hand wants to Make American Great Again and CNN and MSNBC oppose that.  Making America great again is not the goal of the Left.  Seemingly, they’d prefer to destroy it.  I am judging these networks solely by the garbage they broadcast night after night.

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If we can fix colleges, that will help fix Congress. 

Let’s say we fired tenured professors and they sue – so what?  Maybe judges will get the idea that America is clawing back!  Once we have colleges fixed, we will start to turn out graduates who might go to Congress with American ideals in mind instead of the accumulation of political power leading to lots of cable news interviews.  That would be a welcome change.  We’ll get better judges, too.

Audio:  How long do we have to fix what’s wrong with America?  On Talk 1370’s Cardle & Woolley Show (4/25/24), Jim and Lynn put that question to Dr. Kevin Roberts, CEO of the Heritage Foundation.

Congress is a great place to get rich and meet girls.  It’s even better for not-so-good-looking older males to meet women.  Power and money are an attractive combination.   This isn’t going to happen for them down at the factory.  But Congress – Hollywood for the ugly as it’s been called – is alluring to young people who’ve been duly indoctrinated by nutcase professors.

So, we get rid of bad professors.  We get Congress fixed.  We have better judges.  Now what?

Don’t think that solves all our problems.  Young people will always do stupid things.  I used to be one of them.  (Disclaimer: sometimes I still do stupid things.  At least I can see that now.)

But our kids will grow to maturity with a better baseline of values – such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I don’t expect to see college demonstrations for the right to life, or for paying down the national debt.  But how refreshing would that be?  To see college kids rallying for something wholesome and good.

Don’t hold your breath. 

We’re still living in a world dominated by racial politics, divisive DEI programs, antisemitism, self-centered politicians, and totally avoidable foreign wars.  But all is not lost if we can learn something from the modern Hitler Youth that seem to have taken over our campuses.  Let’s fix our colleges and see what happens.  We might all be pleasantly surprised.

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