If we can Avoid World War III, we can Buy Some Time to Save America

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann).

Joe Biden’s dithering over what the Israeli response should be to an attack from Iran reminded me of the way he slow-walked aid to Ukraine.  Biden, or whoever pulls his strings, likely Barack Obama, only wants to avoid any chance of losing the next election.

Biden, and his inept Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, constantly project weakness

They practically crawl on their bellies to convince Iran that the U.S. doesn’t want to escalate.  That seems like a pathway to a broader war that might include China and Russia.

It’s avoidable, but Biden’s puppet masters are clueless.  That’s bad, because we have problems at home that will only worsen if Biden gets us into a global war.

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Why does the Biden administration cower when Israel tries to defend itself?

It brings back bad memories of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain trying to appease Hitler, which didn’t work, and President Lyndon Johnson, who ran the Vietnam War politically, and stepped down from his party’s nomination.

Video: Blinken blinks, says U.S. not involved in Israeli airstrikes.

After October 7, 2023 happened – when Hamas brutally attacked Israel – that should have been the wake-up call the Three Bs needed – Biden, Barack, and Blinken.  Biden was sent out to say a lot of the right things, but it has turned out that he didn’t mean it.  If you don’t remember the atrocities of that day, look it up and refresh your memory.  It wasn’t an attack on military assets, or even a bomb dropped over a city.  It was meant to be the most heart-wrenching, bloody, inhumane assault on Jews since the Holocaust.

Video:  NBC News reports on atrocities of Hamas on October 7. 

What Hamas did was sickening.  They attacked young people at a musical festival and drug bodies through the streets.  They sexually abused women and girls and then killed them, and there were reports of Hamas putting a baby into an oven.  But how soon we forget.

If this had happened in America, or Canada, or England, or Australia, or anywhere but Israel, the world would have exploded in rage.  Payback would have been hell.  But it happened to a tiny enclave in a sea of Arab countries.  The world said “Oh, my!”  But then what?  As time passed – and we’re not even a year in at this writing, it somehow became Israel’s fault. 

College campuses, dominated by know-it-all, anti-capitalist professors appear to have indoctrinated students to hate Israel.  The “pro-Palestinian” demonstrations on so many campuses are not only disgusting and against everything America stands for, but are also ignorant.  Some of the rather stupid young girls carrying banners and proclaiming “We are Hamas” would be killed by Hamas in a heartbeat.  We must fix our colleges, and to do it will take an upheaval.  So far, no politician has emerged that is willing to take on the task.

Video:  ABC News reports on arrests of Hamas supporters at Columbia University.

This is why we’ll dodge a bullet, and perhaps a nuclear attack, if we can get through Biden’s term unscathed.

We cannot give him another one.  Four more years of Biden/Barack/Blinken would surely sink the United States into a mire that we could never recover from.  Former Attorney General Bill Barr said as much.  We’re rolling the dice with Trump, he said, but we can be sure that another Biden term would be total disaster.

Video:  Bill Barr, former U.S. Attorney General, says Trump better choice than Biden.

Unfortunately, Biden has the reverse Midas touch that has ruined so much about America. 

Race relations have deteriorated.  Our cities are mired in crime.  Our borders are wide open and we face another 9/11 if terrorist take advantage.  Our children are dying in droves from fentanyl that is smuggled across the open border.  Biden’s open border also gives us more human trafficking. The economy sucks regardless of what statistics may show.  Inflation will remain so long as we cannot pay down our skyrocketing national debt – and neither Biden nor members of Congress have much interest in that.  Consumer costs are through the roof for goods and services and will never come down.

In addition to that, the know-it-all president wants to tell you what you can drive and what type of kitchen appliances you are allowed to have.  Bending to the climate change hoax that made Al Gore wealthy, he wants to force electric cars on you whether you want an EV or not.

Under this most destructive of all presidents, our little boys and girls are being told they can magically transform into a different sex.  This defies biology, but Biden defies common sense.  So does his left-wing base and so do too many teachers who buy into this lunacy.  This is a main reason that Texans want school choice.  Of course, this gender lunacy is wrecking women’s sports, but Joe Biden doesn’t care; it’s what his left-wing base wants.

IF we can avoid this president from getting us into World War III, we can turn to these domestic problems.

I don’t know whether Donald Trump could or would remake our colleges and universities and root out the left-wing nutcase professors who hate our country.  But he might.  I don’t know whether he would repair the canyon that Biden has created between white and black America – but indications are that he could do it fairly easily.  Would he stop the spending spree that defines Congress and work to pay down the debt and rescue the Dollar?  He didn’t do it before, but maybe he’ll see the light.  Nothing will ever stop Biden from spending, so I’ll take my chances.

On every single issue that roils America, Trump might do better – likely would do better.  On some issues, there’s no doubt that he would do better.  “Make America Great Again” must be restored to its original meaning.  We are NOT great under Biden.  We have a better than even chance to be great again under a second Trump administration.

But right now, we’re in a mess.  Biden virtually gave Putin permission to invade Ukraine and so he did.  Biden doesn’t know what to do about it.  Seeing this weakness, Hamas made its move on October 7.  Biden/Barack/Blinken simply beg Netanyahu to do nothing while bowing to Iran and assuring the ayatollah that the U.S. has nothing to do with any retaliation.  God help us, because China is watching this with an eye on Taiwan.

Video:  CNN reports on Biden’s virtual permission to Putin to invade Ukraine.

Can we avoid a world war?  Only by luck, but we might. 

If we do, and Biden is reelected, then this senile old man who can’t find his way off a stage will have another four years (if he lives that long) to screw up America.  That’s what he’s done so far, and there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t do it again.

Could we survive another Biden term?  I know what I think, and I’m not about to take that chance.

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