Everything is Worse with Joe Biden in Office

President Joe Biden poses for his official portrait Wednesday, March 3, 2021, in the Library of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

The many failures of Joe Biden are too numerous to mention, but in a way, that makes it easier to discuss them. Nothing this political hack has done has made anyone’s life better.

In fact, Biden’s border policies and his unwavering support of abortion have caused the deaths of untold numbers of people.

His virtual permission to Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine was a blunder for the ages, and, of course, people died during his incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Yet, Biden feels he’s done such a good job that he should run again in 2024.

Maybe so.

We’ve reached a point in the nation’s history where ideology trumps accomplishments. Biden has no accomplishments, except that he’s dependably left.

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Video:  WH presser where Biden seems to say it’s all right for Putin to invade.

Democrats should explain this to the rest of us.

Please tell us what it is about Biden’s left-wing policies that killed the anticipated Red Wave and held the Senate for Marxist Democrats?

Was it the “inclusiveness” that gave us Rachel Levine and Sam Brinton? Or the fact that Biden’s economic policies have led to massive inflation?

Video:  What an embarrassment, and this video is the tip of the iceberg.

Is it the cleverness by which you Democrats explain so many things that the rest of us don’t seem to understand:

  • Inflation is transitory so don’t pay it any mind.
  • Inflation isn’t caused by massive government spending; why, it’s an international problem.
  • Pandemic-induced lockdowns were necessary because we had to destroy our economy in order to save it.
  • We had to close our schools even though young children were not affected much by COVID because that’s what the teachers’ unions wanted to do.
  • Yes of course, we can cut up little boys and girls and rearrange their bodies so they can be a different sex.
  • Homosexuality is so great that we need to call it PRIDE!
  • Men dressed as women wearing fake breasts and lipstick are perfect entrainment for school kids, probably due to the wholesomeness of their performances.
  • America is a terrible country conceived in racism, and we need to teach our children how awful this country is.
  • America is infested with White Supremacists and systemic racism.
  • Because of Republicans and Conservatives, OUR DEMOCRACY is at risk.
  • January 6 will go down as the most important date in American history.
  • It is okay to burn and loot American cities for en entire summer because a street thug died in police custody while high on drugs.
  • The Supreme Court made abortion illegal (it didn’t) and women should be very afraid.
  • Watch out because interracial marriage and contraception will be next.
  • Immigrants are FAR more honest and important than citizens unless you live in Martha’s Vineyard.
  • The FBI/NSA/IRS is not politicized and they don’t spy on citizens.
  • “Inclusiveness” is inclusive even though it leaves out a lot of people who don’t check the correct boxes.
  • Children in the womb do not matter because they are not human.
  • The biggest threat to America is domestic terrorism.
  • Domestic terrorists are not Black Lives Matter or Antifa; they are parents who want a say in their children’s education.
  • The election of 2020 was the most fair and perfect election in the history of civilization.
  • MAGA, which stands for “Make American Great Again,” is a bad thing and must be shunned because we don’t want America to be great.

And so it goes.

Video: Biden’s “Red” speech with Nazi-looking imagery.  Another embarrassment.

Our educational system is a mess. Our media is dishonest. Big Tech censors free speech. And Joe Biden is…. in office.

I cannot bring myself call him “president.” He is an embarrassment on the world stage. He is a consummate liar, whether it’s about a political issue or some heroic deed that he did that always turns out to be untrue.

Democrats, please explain why tweeters like George Takei, Dan Rather, and Rob “Meathead” Reiner tell us how proud they are that Joe Biden is … is… the … you know. The guy in the Oval Office.

(I still cannot refer to this imbecile as president.)

Video:  Biden slams Peter Doocy for asking a serious question. 

Trust me, I look back at Bill Clinton’s presidency almost with nostalgia.

Bill’s a leftist, but he’s not as goofy and ideological as his nutcase wife, and he likes girls. I don’t really blame him for looking elsewhere for some relief.   And working with New Gingrich, Clinton actually gave us a balanced budget.

Democrats, ask yourself what Joe Biden has given us other than total misery. If you can rationalize this guy to your own party, perhaps you can explain it to the rest of us.

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