Revenge of the Deplorables

America is embroiled in a particularly nasty paradigm of complete, total, raging insanity.

This insanity has infected our society through Anti-American sentiment in the Mainstream Media, radical Marxist indoctrination at our colleges and universities, and daily demonstrations of destruction in many urban areas in the name of Social Justice.

Screenshot from CNN via Fox News.

Some of us are fighting back.

I’ve taken aim in columns at CNN, the Associated Press, and USA Today for their lack of anything that resembles journalism. I have resolved never to use “woke” companies like Airbnb and Uber.

On the other hand, it’s hard to avoid using woke companies because most of them are woke. If you’re wondering why – why would Nike make a marketing deal with a divisive figure such as Colin Kaepernick — it’s because time flies.

The companies are betting that traditional Americans will die out and the country will be left with a more socialist-leaning, America-hating, populace within a short time. It gets back to the fact that professors that hate America are educating our youth. And nobody does anything about it.

Some of us are fed up and starting to fight back in any way we can.

We understand that members of Congress will not stand up for traditional values. If you question this, ask yourself what is the greatest accomplishment of your congressman. My congressman is John Carter, and on that question, I draw a blank.

Let me know if you have a U.S. representative that is in Washington fighting the lunacy in a meaningful way — such as de-funding whack-job universities like UT/Austin.

Barack Obama called me (and possibly you) a “Bitter Clinger” for believing in God and owning firearms under the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton called us “Deplorables.” This is what the elite Left thinks of us.

Some of us have noticed this.  

If you haven’t, you might tune into CNN for as long as you can stand to, or read any article written by the Associated Press. If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you can read the new York Times’ “1619 Project,” that attempts to recast American history in a new, totally racist light.

Insanity in America emanates from cities like Berkeley, New Haven, Cambridge, and Austin.

My top issue in this current election is not the street violence.

My top issue is the decline of reason at American institutions of higher learning and what we can do about it.  Every day, I ask myself why (especially in Texas where Gov. Greg Abbott appoints regents apparently based on how much they donate to him) do we still have a university as politically insane as my alma mater, the University of Texas?

I’ve not met anyone who can answer that question.  

Universities seem free to be as anti-American as they care to and nobody blinks an eye. Why not? These institutions are molding the minds our future leaders like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. From these idiotic “leaders,” we can see what our future holds if we keep churning out Marxists morons. We must do something different.

The Republicans-in-charge have enough failings to consider, but this one is monumental.  Our colleges are turning our country into a Marxist hellhole and our leaders can’t even muster the intestinal fortitude to object.

UT, as do virtually all other universities, now has a powerful Office of Diversity and Inclusion run by a social justice warrior.  If I were a member of Congress, I would introduce legislation to defund any college that has one of these divisive agencies and I would work to open up colleges to diversity of opinion and thought.

I would not send my young sons and daughters to any university that has a Department of Diversity and Inclusion.   These institutions are the least inclusive places on any college campus. They foment division and not unity. The directors of these useless departments must have something to do to “earn” their bloated paychecks, so they spend at least 40 hours a week trying to stir up racial division.

The Media cannot solve the problem. The Media IS the problem.

The latest trend in the MSM is to show photos or video, and then claim it isn’t happening. They seem to be saying:

Don’t believe your lying eyes; believe what we tell you!

CNN, as an example, had a live reporter doing a stand-up in Kenosha with fires burning behind him. The Chyron graphic at the bottom of the screen read:

Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting

Perhaps the worst of all these you’re seeing it, but it never really happened” reports is one from the Associated Press that plainly lied its way through several column inches of outright denials. This article hit newspapers on or around August 29th with a headline in my local paper that read:

The GOP portrayal of urban mayhem doesn’t always match reality

Say what?

“Reporters” Michelle R. Smith and Gillian Flaccus explained to all us Deplorables that the speakers at the Republican National Convention were lying to us about the violence. It really isn’t all that bad.   They wrote:

The picture of American cities overwhelmed by violence has become a central theme of the 2020 presidential race. Is his convention acceptance speech Thursday night, President Donald Trump called for “law and order” and said the country can never allow “mob rule.” But for the most part that doesn’t line up with reality.

Smith and Flaccus did not mention the assault and near-murder of U.S. Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley who were surrounded and attacked by possibly hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists as they left the White House ground to return to their hotel. No mention of how scary that must have been to the Pauls, and how they might have died had not some policemen formed a protective barrier around them.

One of the AP’s greatest examples of Fake News. From August 29, 2020.

Instead, Smith and Flaccus quoted “experts” saying violent crime has generally remained stable and low. I suppose that’s fine unless you find yourself in a BLM mob, calling you’re a “b*tch” and repeatedly yelling “f*ck you” while closing in for the kill.   To the MSM, left-wing “experts” are always right.

Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley surrounded by Black Lives Matter terrorists following the GOP Convention.

Revenge of the Deplorables.

You can’t get there from here by simply keeping your mouth shut, or boycotting woke companies and sports leagues. They pretty much all woke. Here’s what you can do. You can raise hell.

Raise hell with your congressman and your senators about what is going on at our major universities. Tell your version of the useless Rep. John Carter what you expect, hold his feet to the fire, and throw him out if he doesn’t fight for traditional values.

Raise hell with colleges. You may feel a need for your kids to have those precious degrees, but monitor his/her professors. Your kids, if they’ve been brought up right, will report to you.

Call the administration at UT or Yale, or Texas A&M and raise hell. Demand that these colleges have free speech, open debate, speakers from all sides, and that your sons and daughters are not being indoctrinated into Marxism.   Threaten to call the governor of your state or even threaten a lawsuit.   Make them understand how serious you are.

Raise hell with newspapers that carry the despicable liberal Associated Press.   The AP is NOT a reliable news source. It doesn’t matter how small a paper is, it has a moral obligation to run factual news. It’s OK to raise some hell with the AP directly. Here’s the telephone number: (877) 836-9477.

Raise hell with CNN. You may not get through to Jeff Zucker, the CEO, but you can raise some hell with AT&T, which owns CNN. Ask them why they keep this ignorant butt-head and why they don’t return CNN to responsible journalism. While you’ve got AT&T on the phone, raise hell about DC Comics (they own it too) and how it glorifies the word “f*ck” in its comics and its streaming TV shows like “Doom Patrol” – which must be one of the all-time worst shows in TV history.

CNN’s phone number is (404) 827-1500. AT&T’s number is (800) 288-2020.   The suits are in a protective bubble but if enough of us call, they’ll get the message.

I like to raise a little hell on Facebook (I despise Twitter), but you may do as you please. I rarely get personal; I just like the short zinger that makes liberals look like fools – as if they need any help. If they respond with a word starting with the letter F, you win.

The main way you can fight back at liberal insanity is to reelect President Trump. Hillary Clinton has suggested that, no matter what happens, Biden should never concede. In the era of Trump, we ought to be prepared for that. The Democrats are working hard to institute universal mail-in voting which could delay the results for weeks.

Note that if they come up short on November 3rd, they can always locate a few missing crates of mail-in votes – 90 percent of which will be for Biden. They have zero integrity.

We’ve all sat back and taken this crap from the left for too long. I’m fighting back in any way I can. I’m a proud Deplorable, and I’m mad. I’m not going to take it anymore.

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based author, broadcaster, and songwriter. Follow his podcast at Check out his author’s page at Order books direct from Lynn at https://PlanetLogicPress.Square.Site. Email Lynn at

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