“The Clock Tower and Other Stories” now available from Planet Logic Press

Nineteen tantalizing tales of Suspense, fantasy and Science Fiction!

“The Clock Tower and Other Stories” is a collection of suspense, fantasy, and science fiction stories by radio and podcast host Lynn Woolley.

Welcome to a world of evil clocks, time machines, vampires, demons, and cows with human intelligence!

I’m Lynn Woolley and I’m the author of this tantalizing tome that features 19 incursions into speculative fiction. How did this book come to be? In a word: coronavirus.

The Clock Tower and Other Stories from Planet Logic Press. (Cover design by Greg Hansen)

I’ve written short stories since 1967. Six of them have been published in magazines, but most of them have lived a dreary and lonely existence on my hard drive. When COVID-19 struck, and I was following directives to “shelter in place,” I knew how they felt. These stories wanted to get out and into the public!

I decided to edit them, and publish them!   Planet Logic Press was born!

Publishing a book is a long, hard grind. Every time you think a story is perfect, you proofread it again, and find a comma in the wrong place, or a typo that you hadn’t seen in twenty previous reads. But it’s a labor of love for those of us who live to write, and constantly have ideas for stories popping into our heads.

This book is what I hope will be the first of three volumes of short stories and novels in the genres that I love most, including psychological suspense, fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries. Some of my stories are comedies, and a few might be considered Christian fiction. My stories are always suitable for all ages.

Prepare to be amazed, frightened, and entertained.

Imagine clock faces looking down at you from tall buildings while plotting to kill you. Imagine an alien creature living vicariously through your memories. Imagine being trapped inside a radio station where the general manager is the Devil himself.

Picture a mystical doorway to heaven where you can see your departed loved ones, but only during visiting hours. Consider how the world would react if a cow exhibited human intelligence.

And what if you felt responsible for your father’s death, and you were offered a magical do-over? Would you take that second chance, even if it might destroy you?

Radio spots for “The Clock Tower and Other Stories.

The Clock Tower is a book of ideas and what-ifs.

These stories are written primarily to entertain you by taking you to strange new worlds where unlikely heroes face uncertain challenges.   Most of the ideas in this book came from personal experiences and then extrapolating on them by asking the simple question: what if?

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LYNN WOOLLEY is the author of four books on broadcasting and politics. He hosted the “Lynn Woolley Show” on several Texas radio stations for more than 25 years and currently hosts the “Planet Logic” podcast. His career has included stints as a radio news anchor in Dallas and Austin, a political writer for The Dallas Morning News, and co-host of the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon in the Waco-Temple market. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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