If you live in Realville, you must be concerned about this Election

The thing that keeps nagging at me is this: Can the polls be totally wrong two elections in a row? I wrote a column about the debate “aging well” and it did, but still Biden’s support seems to be growing.

Screen shot from NBC News (Fair Use)

I know that there are many things in Trump’s favor, and I am somewhat comforted by them. Before the President came down with the Wuhan Flu, I felt he had a good chance to put Biden away at the debate.

That he failed to accomplish that has softened my comfort zone.

The President came out swinging, in full New York street brawler mode. This has worked for the President before – remember “Low Energy” Job, “Lyin’” Ted, and “Crooked” Hillary?

Yes, we all marveled at how Donald Trump could reposition his opponents and make them look weak. It’s worked many times for the President.

But the polls are moving in Biden’s direction again.

Just speaking for me personally, I’d be a fool not to be concerned. Maybe polls are fixed, or biased, and maybe it will all turn out like 2016. For the sake of the country I hope so. But the concern remains. The debate was a missed opportunity to put Biden away for good.

Imagine what the President could have done.

I wanted him to be “Rally Trump.” At his rallies, he is in full emotional control. Knowledgeable. Funny. In command. He has an unquestioned rapport with his audience.

At the debate, he seemed unable to be quiet long enough for Joe Biden to make one of his famous gaffes. Trust me, Biden could not have talked for two minutes, uninterrupted, without a gaffe. He came so close several times and President Trump butted in and saved his sorry rear every time.

Even Chris Wallace, who has taken a beating on social media, might have saved the day for Trump had the debate not degenerated into a shouting match.   Here’s an example:

The White House outbreak of Wuhan had not yet appeared, and the Number One issue at this debate was the Supreme Court. From the left-wing point of view, the concern was that Amy Coney Barrett will swing the court conservative, and from the right-wing point of view that if Democrats win the election, they will expand (stack) the Supreme Court.

Trump has made his move on Barrett. That’s a known fact. But Biden had dodged every question about stacking the Court. To his credit, Wallace asked him a direct question. Biden began speaking nonsense, spouting bromides about that not being the issue, and the issue would be whatever he decided, and people need to get out and vote.

“Ask Marilyn: Oct. 4, 2020. An amazing explanation of the Electoral College. (PARADE Magazine) Scan by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily.

My jaw dropped at that answer.

I fully expected Wallace to press hard and force Biden to answer, but the President chimed in instead, and Biden was able to blow it off. Not to Wallace’s credit, he let it slide. I have no idea whether, in a normal debate without all the interruptions, Wallace would have pressed Biden. He should have anyway. But he did not.

So the issue that meant the most to me and millions of others was unanswered by Biden. So were other questions. Would Biden support ending the Senate filibuster, the only tool minority parties have to slow down legislation they oppose? We don’t know. What about Democrats’ threats to eliminate the Electoral College? In a debate such as this, we never found out where Joe stands.

If you’re wondering about the Electoral College and why Democrats want to eliminate it, it’s because California, with its growing millions, could collude with a few other liberal states like New York and then tell conservative states like Texas what to do.

Strangely enough, you can learn more from today’s “Ask Marilyn” column in PARADE Magazine about the Electoral College than you learned from the debate – which was nothing. Marilyn vos Savant got it exactly right.

Biden was able to avoid other embarrassing issues as well.

The media was all focused on the emerging “threat” of white supremacy on the night of the debate, and Trump was again confronted by Wallace to disavow it.

We might note that the nation isn’t experiencing riots conducted by white supremacists. Those are Joe Biden voters out there burning Seattle and Portland and New York and shooting cops in Compton.

I wanted Trump to repudiate white supremacy quickly and then force Biden to repudiate Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Remember, the polls (if you believe them) show that most Americans are tired of the left-wing riots.

Manufactured News. The media was all awash in “White Supremacy” stories on Oct. 1, 2020. CNN screenshot by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily.

Biden would have been in deep doo-doo because his people are doing the rioting. He would have been forced to choose between the logic of condemning violence or condemning his own base. How sweet that would have been. But no. The debate was total pandemonium and all the opportunities were missed.

Biden never had to explain his Wuhan Flu economic paradox hypocrisy.

On the one hand, Biden blasts Trump for not shutting down the economy sooner, and in the next breath blasts him for the economic downturn. Had Biden been president, what exactly would he have done different? We know that he would not have imposed travel restrictions because he called Trump “xenophobic” and “racist” for doing that.

So Mr. Wallace might have asked Biden whether, by implementing his ideas instead of Trump’s, the pandemic might have spread faster and the economy might have suffered even more. Or at least ask Biden: How can you blame the economy on Trump when your party is the one that insisted on a total shutdown?

So many lost opportunities.

And now the President has COVID-19.

How will this affect the election? The Supreme Court nomination? We don’t know. With several senators now testing positive, will Chuck Schumer be able to delay the vote using procedural rules that require in-person voting in the Senate? He will try.

And what if the President is sicker than we think? What if he dies from this? He could. 200,000 people have in this country depending on how we interpret the cause of death in each case. The President is over 70 and overweight. It’s already apparent that he was sicker than we were told at first.

The news briefing from the doctors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday was beyond bizarre. I was on I-35 driving to the KJCE studios in Austin to do the Texas Insider Show with Jim Cardle. I heard it in its entirety.   It concerned me greatly.

Here were doctors – not politicians – avoiding questions in the best tradition of Biden at the debate.   Was the President given oxygen? Not today. What about yesterday? The President is not on oxygen today.   These answers were, I’m sure, true, but they deflected the question. That’s not good.

When Hillary was coughing and tripping over her own feet, I wanted to know what was wrong with her. I want the truth about the President now. We have less than 30 days to make terribly important decisions if the President is gravely ill. We have to be ready to stop Biden and his left-wing-loon running mate Kamala Harris. Biden is older than Trump, and if get gets the Wuhan Flu after the election, then what? I do not want to live under a Harris administration.

The old Joe Biden was somewhat racist, but far more moderate than the one we see today. Kamala Harris is a left-wing freak of nature. If the ticket wins, then Harris wins and will be soon be in charge. Hello Green New Deal, reparations for slavery, packing the Court, two new left-wing states, a left-wing House and Senate with no senate filibuster and no Electoral College.

Biden or Harris would take us back to the Paris Accords and suck up to Iran as Obama did.

So can we move Pence into position to run if Trump can’t?

What would happen? On the other hand, Trump may get a sympathy vote because Americans (except a lot of Democrats) usually feel compassion for someone who is suffering.

We’re in the strangest times of my life right now and our country hangs in the balance. Joe Biden was a sitting duck at that first debate. He was ripe for a fall. But it didn’t happen. Biden was let off the hook by both Donald Trump and Chris Wallace, and now we might not get another debate due to the outbreak.

Trump missed a golden opportunity. Welcome to Realville.

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