The “Clock Tower Challenge!” Find the Typo & Win Semi-Fabulous Prizes.

It’s tempting to say that my creditors are forcing me to sell at least three copies of “The Clock Tower and Other Stories” by the end of the year. After all, that seems to work for car dealers and purveyors of barbeque grills and spas. Fortunately, things are not that dire. So let’s have some fun here.

I had mentioned to former Temple Mayor Bill Jones that I hadn’t spotted any typos in “The Clock Tower,” but I suspected there would be at least one. He found it.

The challenge is: Can YOU find it?

Here are the clues:

  • The typo is NOT a misspelled word.
  • The typo is NOT a word we misspelled on purpose due to a character’s speech pattern.
  • The typo IS contained in the narrative and NOT in a quotation.
  • The typo IS a word, that but for a missing letter, would spell a different word.
  • The missing letter is an “l.” That’s an “l” as in “logic.”
  • The typo is in the text of a story and not in an introduction to a story or on the copyright page.

Your job: FIND IT! Mayor Jones is not eligible and he will not reveal the answer, so don’t even try.

Here are the contest rules.

  • You must specify the page number and paragraph of the typo from either the printed edition or one of the eBook editions.
  • You must send in your answer by email. Please do NOT post your answer publicly on Facebook, as that will void the entire contest.
  • Simply state the page number, paragraph, the word as it appears, and the word as it should have been.
  • If you find another typo it will not count in this contest. It must be THIS typo.
  • The semi-fabulous Grand Prize will be awarded to the first person who correctly identities the typo.
  • Additional winners may be recognized with near worthless prizes at the discretion of the judge (me).
  • Additional winners will not receive the semi-fabulous Grand Prize.
  • Prizes will be fulfilled through USPS. If it’s good enough for voting, it’s good enough for us.
  • The contest is officially concluded when the Grand Prize is awarded, but other correct guesses may receive one or more useless prizes.
  • No purchase is necessary, but you DO need a book to find the typo (yes, that’s our devious plan). Void where prohibited. Batteries not included. Past performance is not an indication of future success. I am not a doctor and have never played one on TV. Side effects may include entertainment, intellectual acuity, and sense of wonder.

To enter via email, use this address:


  • Lynn Woolley is the sole judge.
  • What Lynn rules is law.
  • See first two rules.
  • We do not sell automobiles, barbecue grills, or spas.
  • We actually have no creditors.

Three celebrity signatures on the KTEM card collection from 1996.

Here are the Semi-Fabulous Prizes!

 PRIZE #1: A copy of “The Clock Tower and Other Stories” to use as you wish

PRIZE #2: A copy of my book “Clear Moral Objectives” signed at your request

PRIZE #3: An advance printout of one of the upcoming stories in my next collection that is new and never before seen

PRIZE #4: A complete set of all 9 collectible KTEM baseball cards (unmarked) from 1996

PRIZE #5: A complete set of all 9 KTEM cards SIGNED by each player on the KTEM team.

The KTEM players from 1995 are:

Rush Limbaugh as he appeared in 1996, with signature. (Yes, this is worth some bucks!)

  • Rush Limbaugh (the Doctor of Democracy)
  • Milo Hamilton (the late Hall-Of-Fame voice of the Houston Astros)
  • Lynn Woolley (the Secretary of Logic)
  • Ken Hamblin (the Black Avenger)
  • Beth Richards (former host of KTEM’s Original Nite Flite)
  • Marsha Haney (former co-host of the Children’s Miracle network)
  • Drayton McLane (businessman and former owner of the Houston Astros)
  • Lance Liguez (former news anchor at WBAP Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • Mark McLain (longtime voice of the Temple Wildcats)

Each card is signed and the entire set is even better than “semi” fabulous! It is a true collector’s item.

One Kind Favor:

Those of you who have read “The Clock Tower and Other Stories” please post a short review at AMAZON.COM, Barnes & Noble, and at other sites that accept reviews.

The full set of all 9 KTEM cards from 1996, each individually signed.

Copies of the book are available locally at:

  • 2nd Street Emporium at 8 South 2nd Street in downtown Temple
  • Terp’s Comics and Toys at 808 South 31st Street in Temple
  • McWha’s Bookstore at 114 east Central Avenue in Belton
  • Direct from Lynn at https://PlanetLogicPress.Square.Site

The challenge is on! Good luck and may be best typo-sleuth win!

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based author, broadcaster, and songwriter. Follow his podcast at Check out his author’s page at Order books direct from Lynn at https://PlanetLogicPress.Square.Site. Email Lynn at


Another semi-fabulous prize: “Clear Moral Objectives” (2003)

The Clock Tower and Other Stories from Planet Logic Press. (Cover design by Greg Hansen)

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