Just another Sunday on CNN

I don’t know why I torture myself, but today I decided to watch a lot of CNN’s Sunday programming to include “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter and “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper. Unfortunately, I can never recover that time.

Stelter tripped all over himself in making his case that the latest Hunter Biden scandal is not newsworthy.

At one point, he talked about the conservative, anti Biden media machine. (He means FOX News. CNN hates FOX News because it has ratings.)

He also said (of the Hunter Biden scandal) that as soon as one scandal dries up the right-wing media machine finds another one. I exclaimed out loud: “Brian, are you hearing what you are saying?” This is, of course, precisely what CNN and congressional Democrats have done to Trump for four years.   The unrestrained hypocrisy was lost on Stelter. He was actually characterizing left-wing media, not right-wing media. There isn’t much right-wing media.

Then, I watched a rerun of this morning’s “State of the Union.”

I saw the embarrassing Lara Trump interview conducted by “Fake” Jake Tapper. This was the biggest example of journalistic misconduct since, well, since George Stephanopoulos failed to ask Joe Biden about his wonderful sleazebag son on the ABC Town Hall.

Then came the Joe Biden speech. Short and sweet and dishonest.

CNN was in commercial when Biden started, but joined it in time for the stock left-wing Charlottesville hoax. With a straight face, Biden repeated the oft-told lie that Trump said there are fine people on both sides.

Today’s Biden speech in Durham, NC.  The hoax comments are at the 30 minute mark.

In context, he did not, but Biden is rarely challened by media when he says this. To Democrats, the lie is big enough and so it must be believed.

President Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville protests in context.  August 15, 2017.

What does the election mean to the future of CNN?

If Biden wins, CNN will have a mandate to continue with their one-sided, left-wing, totally biased political agenda that masquerades as news on this network.

If Trump wins, CNN must regroup. AT&T must take a look at Jeff Zucker, CNN’s CEO who uses the network to advance his own political views. In short, CNN is banking on a Biden win to exonerate the network’s journalistic malpractice.

For the rest of us, a Trump win might restore some balance to news coverage. A Biden win means a continuation of the current situation in which nearly all the media is far left. Today was just another Sunday on CNN, and it may get worse. We’ll know soon.

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