AP bias sinks to new low with hit piece on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

 Tennessee-based reporter Kimberlee Kruesi doesn’t care much for “anti-abortion centers.” Kruesi writes for the Associated Press and that’s how she refers to organizations that try to help women who are in a crisis pregnancy.

Kruesi has two objections to what these centers are doing.

First, it angers her that they receive tax dollars. Second, they exist to save the lives of unborn children, and she seems really put off by that. But she has performed a service.

Her long rant that was published in newspapers all over the country provides a blueprint for how not to write a news story. But mostly, it reflects badly on the liberal AP news service. Even by AP standards this extremely biased story should have been nipped in the bud.

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And yet, newspapers all over the country picked up this story.

Why would they do that? The story adheres to no journalistic standards. It is not honest. It does not speak about tax money going to Planned Parenthood. It does not talk about how Planned Parenthood – an organization that promotes and sells abortions — was caught on video selling body parts of aborted babies.

The answers to why newspapers would pick up a story that commits such obvious journalistic malpractice are simple, and in my opinion, twofold.

First, it’s easy to simply grab an AP story and use it to fill space in the paper. After all, if it’s part of AP’s news feed, it must have been approved by someone such as a fact-checker or an editor, right?

Second, and this is an observation I have made for years, most of our daily newspapers are far left-wing and this story seemed normal to them. They simply lack the ability to see bias anywhere but at FOX News or in The Epoch Times.

A selfie at the NYT. 12/21/19. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

This is sad. But it helps explain why newspapers are disappearing.

This column has tried to help. We ran a piece with some ideas about how newspapers can regain the trust of the American public. I’ve seen no evidence anywhere that this advice was taken. The New York Times’ “1619 Project” is a prime example of why so many people are cancelling their subscriptions.

Personally, I prefer that newspapers provide me with the facts. I want them to label such garbage as Kruesi’s abortion story as “opinion.”   But, as with CNN, news sources that claim to be “the most trusted name in news” and then constantly provide one-sided coverage do not come to a good end.

FOX News’ Joe Concha, who openly provides his opinion, believes that the collapse of CNN is pretty much complete.

The Associated Press, is going down the CNN path.

CNN was high and mighty. It’s reporting was haughty, snarky, and delivered with a holier-than-thou flair. People didn’t like it. Their ratings went to hell before Jeff Zucker, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, and Brian Stelter brought the network to its knees. It is now likely that CNN will be re-made from scratch with the hopes of regaining its once-envied reputation.

The AP is in a similar state, but not being television, fewer people notice. But AP does influence people because of its reach. We need to notice. And we must call out stories such as this one.

The abortion story was headlined this way:

Millions in tax dollars flow to anti-abortion centers in US

Kruesi was livid these abortion centers are typically religious-oriented and that they exist to “talk women out of ending their pregnancies.” She attributed the “tens of millions of tax dollars” flowing to these centers to “an often overlooked effort by mostly Republican-led states.”

A letter about Kruesi’s hit-piece in my hometown paper, the Temple Daily Telegram 2-13-22 (Scan by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

She is right about one thing.

The Republican Party is most definitely the party that cares about unborn children and wants to save their lives. The once-compassionate Democratic Party IS the party of abortion.

Abortion is the stopping of a beating heart. It is death.   The Democratic Party is now the party of radical feminism and its litmus test is such that to even be a Democrat, you must be pro-abortion.

That the AP signs onto this litmus test is sad and maddening.

Our intrepid AP reporter is not shy about her disdain for saving the lives of children in the womb. This line from her story is particularly disgusting:

“The pregnancy centers often pop up close to abortion clinics with the goal of luring pregnant women away.”

Yes, and firemen are often found at the scene of fires.

No matter what the AP or its band of heartless anti-life writers and editors may think, their side is losing. The American people are seeing what abortion is. They understand that a “successful” abortion always ends with death.

You know what else they’re seeing?

That the Legacy Media is no longer trustworthy. CNN is pretty much a non-entity at this point, and major dailies are announcing that there will be no more Saturday editions. Yes, part of this is due to the changing times.

Perhaps a larger part is that the American people are tired of biased reporting. They’re standing outside the door, screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

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