Conservatives Need a Plan In Case Biden Resigns

Biden is underwater in polling, and he’s still sinking. So what’s the plan if it gets so bad that his fellow Democrats force him out?

Kamala Harris official portrait 2017. Public Domain.

As a conservative I’d want to replace him with someone who has even less grasp of the issues than he does. I’d look for someone who has never accomplished anything on the national stage.

I’d want someone so awful that he or she could never be elected to a full term as president.

In other words, I’d want Kamala Harris to take over and serve out the last years, if she can make it that long. Would she be worse than Biden? A lot of people think so.

But maybe we need to hit bottom and then see if another Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump can win in ’24.

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While we’re waiting for Kamala to takeover, here are some things to ponder about progressives.

Can you think of a good idea progressives have?

Their bad ideas seem to come in waves. Some people think there’s a think tank somewhere high in the mountains where jokes are created. I wonder if next door to that, the dumbest people in the world congregate to dream up the Democratic platform.

Junk Academics are a bad idea of the Left

For example, Democrats control education, and here’s what we get: Critical Race Theory, Gender Studies, Black Studies, and so on. These are grievance classes that rip America part rather than unite us.   They are worthless degrees that lead the degree holder back to the classroom to mis-educate another generation.

Here are few more items from the left-wing house of bad ideas:

  1. President Biden reimagining the war in Afghanistan
  2. Spending trillions to control the climate
  3. Spending billions on human infrastructure
  4. Spending millions on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  5. Supporting ideas that used to be considered insane like cancel culture, The 1619 Project, and defunding the police

And how about these 3 things?

Time travel, warp speed and sex change.

What do these three things have in common? They are all science fiction. Democrats try to convince you that last one is real. It’s not. It’s another one of their stupid ideas.

They used a pandemic to elect a 78-year old failure that is cognitively challenged.

Who is their future? Who’s coming up to serve as their next standard bearer?

  • Kamala Harris? Even Biden hates her.
  • Cory Booker – Spartacus?
  • Julian Castro – who thinks biological men should have access to abortions.
  • Pete Buttigieg who is a dead ringer for Alfred E. Neuman?
  • Beto O’Rourke – the Irishman from El Paso
  • AOC and the Squad – all of whom are enemies of the State

There is not another Barack Obama waiting in the wings. The Biden administration is composed of old Obama appointees. They have no new blood – no one to champion the cause of progressivism.

The two great presidents of the modern age were Republicans.

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Neither one was complacent. If we want to embrace their visions, we have to be passionate, active and have a plan. They have a plan. It’s called total control of our children’s education. And that’s where we start.

Let’s get Kamala in there and let her be her (unless she changes pronouns.) The world is weary of the Left and its goofy ideas. Once Harris is in, let’s move ahead with our logical platform – and here’s what should be at the top of the list: taking charge of our education system and revamping it.

So-called “independent” school districts are anything but independent. We need to start by taking over schools boards and forcing traditional values back into our schools. Then, let’s take the colleges and universities. Don’t be complacent. Remember, this is war. We’re fighting the Left for the sake of our country.

First, let’s get rid of Biden and get Kamala in there.

Then, let’s get to work.

SIDEBAR: I had a dream about a world that was gradually being covered in darkness. The dream was fading, and somebody suggested I write it down. This resulted in the short story “Fabled Studio Hell” which is included my collection “The Clock Tower and Other Stories.” The plot goes like this:

The Clock Tower and Other Stories from Planet Logic Press. (Cover design by Greg Hansen)

The Devil has succeeded so completely in polluting the culture through our education system and mainstream media, that he is emboldened. He becomes manager of a Dallas radio station, and starts broadcasting smut at a supernatural level. Even the old-style turntables are running backward. People congregate at the entrance, but no one wants to go inside. No one wants to fight the Devil because it’s easier to let him have his way. That’s complacency.

Finally, one man walks through the door to find a studio straight out of hell. And he frantically searches for the key to beating the Devil.

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