The Democrat Diversion about Who Lied at the CNN Debate

New York Post 7/2/24 (Fair Use)

Following Joe Biden’s collapse at the CNN Presidential Debate, Democrats had to think of something – and fast.  Their presumed nominee had embarrassed himself and the Party in front of millions of people.

They concocted something I call the “Democrat Diversion” to shift the commentary back to Donald Trump.  The narrative would be:

Biden merely had a bad debate, but Trump told one lie after another throughout the debate. 

A lot of Trump’s co-called lies may boil down to the fact that Democrats disagree with him.

Biden, on the other hand, told some whoppers. 

The biggest one concerning his claim that no service men or women died on his watch.  Thirteen did in his disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal.

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Video:  Biden makes false claim about troops not dying under his watch.

In the days after the debate Democrats smeared Trump, calling him a liar.

Donald Trump says what he says.  And no matter what it is, Democrats can’t take it – and so they lie.  For example, Kamala Harris got a “community note” from the social media platform X for claiming that Trump would impose a nationwide ban on abortion upon his return to the White House.

Trump has never promised any such thing, nor is there any indication whatsoever that he would do it.  Harris made this up and posted it as fact.  The note attached on X stated that Trump has said repeatedly he will not impose a nationwide ban.  I might add that he doesn’t have the power to that, and certainly not in a post-Roe era.

But all we heard following the debate on CNN and MSNBC was how many lies Trump told. 

After a while, even Jake Tapper, who was one of the CNN moderators, got enough and called out Senator Chris Coons, who is a co-chair of Biden’s campaign.  Tapper was interviewing Coons about Biden’s poor performance and Coons immediately changed the subject to Trump’s lies – the Democrat Diversion.

Video:  Tapper pushes back against Sen. Chris Coons – at 8:36, Tapper slaps him down

Tapper, to his credit, stopped Coons in his tracks and noted that Biden made the false claim about not having any service members die on his watch.  That shut up Coons for a while, but the claim has been on the lips of many prominent Democrats.

Even in the Wall Street Journal, a weekend headline read:

Trump’s Debate Performance Marked by Familiar Theme:  Falsehoods.

And Brian Stelter, who used to lie up a storm while smearing conservatives on CNN’s Reliable Sources, wrote:

In a debate between a confident liar and an incoherent truth-teller, the liar wins every time.

Oh, so?  As the economist and FOX News contributor Steve Moore wrote in his newsletter, Trump was called out for saying that Biden had “the largest deficit in the history of the country.”  Moore writes that the largest single year was 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic when [at the insistence of aides such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and the teacher’s unions] the economy was shut down for months.

Was Trump lying?

Moore referred to his column in the New York Post, and put it this way:

“What Trump was referring to is that Joe Biden has amassed the largest “debt” in history.  In his first term, Biden has borrowed some $7.9 trillion, after adjusting for the Treasury’s cash balance. Trump borrowed $6.5 trillion.  And as we point out in today’s New York Post, Biden has added $7 trillion MORE debt over 10 years than the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates it would have been under Trump’s policies.”

Trump wasn’t exactly the last of the big spenders.  He did have a pandemic break out on his watch – not his fault – and he had advisors telling him how to deal with it.  Some of the advice was good and some bad.

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There are indications that a second Trump term might focus more on cutting spending and perhaps even paying down some of the massive $35,000,000,000,000 national debt.

There are no indications that Joe Biden and the Democrats would even notice the debt crisis. 

Biden occasionally make spurious claims that the “deficit” is down under his administration.  Whatever statistic he’s using, the debt is climbing along with your grocery bill.  Trump might do something about it.  Biden will not under any circumstance.  He’s too worried about climate change, which we can’t control.

Biden is a well-known pathological liar and has been for decades.

He had to drop out of a presidential race due to plagiarism scandals.  This was in 1987, when he was 44 years old.  He has told tall tales about his battle with Corn Pop, how he was raised in whatever community suits him at the moment, how he drove a truck, how he was arrested when protesting against apartheid trying to see Nelson Mandela.

Video:  Biden and his Corn Pop story

There is nothing you can think of that Biden hasn’t done or been a part of – when he needs to impress an audience.

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Trump is certainly not the liar that Biden is.

Trump says he never had sex with that woman – Stormy Daniels.  Biden says he never sexually assaulted that woman – Tara Reade.  Bill Clinton said he never had sex with that woman – Monica Lewinsky.  In Trump’s case, who knows?  It’s he said, she said.  We all know that Clinton lied about his affair with Lewinsky and got away with it.  But as they say, Bill Clinton is an unusually good liar.  Joe Biden is only an average liar – but very prolific.

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