Democrats and Left-Wing Media Clamor for More Abortions

Detail of a June 24, 2024 article in the Texas Tribune (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

In the post Roe world in which we live, Democrats have a single issue to run on – and that’s abortion.  To be clear, in a successful abortion, one of the two major participants dies.  If the child lives through it, that’s called a “botched” abortion.

How sad for Democrats to think that their big issue is the utter and total destruction of a human baby in the womb.   Well, that and the end of Our Democracy under Trump, but they made that one up.

Abortion is a clear split between progressives and conservatives. 

The latter want fewer of them, but the former seems to want more.  I’ve seen left-wing media lamenting the fact that, in Texas, abortions are down.  It is sad that in today’s world, the biggest danger to a baby in the womb is its own mother.

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The Democrats are about 180 degrees from me politically.

They support the open border policy popularized under Joe Biden.  They are famous for tax-and-spend and contributing to our $35,000,000,000,000 National Debt, although Republicans are not much better in that category.  The Dems are race-based and engage in identity politics far more than Republicans do.

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Democrats despise the thought of free and fair elections, because they’d lose too often – so rigging elections is okay so long as they win.  They love to put their political opponents in jail as attested to by the Donald Trump lawfare and the imprisonment of January 6 Capitol rioters.  Their own political base such as the pro-Palestinian demonstrators, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, and radical feminists – not so much.

Against all the reasons to oppose Democrats, nothing stands out like their apparent disdain for children in the womb.

It is true that no one who supports abortions has ever been aborted.  I often wonder about this: the lives, careers, relationships, scientific discoveries, and journeys into old age that the Left robs from unborn children – none of these stories can ever be told.  When someone takes someone else’s life away, he takes away everything that person had and ever would have had.

I think back to a time when women yearned to have children and had a God-given instinct to nurture them.  Those days are over for women (or birthing persons) of the Left.  In today’s radical left-wing circles, the right to do away with your own unborn child is the deciding issue in many elections.

And note that we need these children.  Jobs are being filled by immigrants not because Americans won’t do them, but because we’re killing off so many of our people before they’re born.  Pat Buchanan wrote a book called The Death of the West.  It’s worse now than then.

The Texas Tribune is a case in point.

I was appalled to read an article – really an unlabeled opinion piece – by Eleanor Klibanoff dated June 24, 2024.  The headline read:

Five abortions a month: How Dobbs changed Texas

When I read the statistics, I felt proud of Texas.  According to Klibanoff, the Lone Star State is down to about 5 abortions per month.  Given all the dead children from the scourge of abortion, that seems like something to celebrate.  But not to the Tribune.  Klibanoff wrote:

Texas, with 30 million residents, and 10% of the women of reproductive age in the nation, used to see about 4,400 abortions a month.  Now, five.

That is wonderful, I thought!  That’s a lot of lives saved.  That’s about 52,000 children a year that will now get to live and maybe become a writer for the Texas Tribune like Klibanoff.  Multiply that over a decade and you get 528,000 lives saved!  A blessing!  But not to progressives.  Klibanoff writes that, to abortion rights advocates, each baby that survived represents an individual in turmoil and a life derailed by an unintended pregnancy or a complication.

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Let’s talk about reasons to kill your own child in the womb.

The author lists them, and you already know most of them:

  • They couldn’t afford another child
  • They felt they were too young
  • They were in an unstable or abuse homes
  • They were sexually assaulted
  • They just weren’t ready

I’m not buying these reasons as valid in any form, except for the sexually assaulted part.  I can understand why a woman would not want to birth the child of a rapist.  But even so, the child of a rapist might grow up to be a brilliant scientist or president of the United States.  I’m willing to discuss this one – and the idea that a pregnancy is medically diagnosed to the effect that the child will be stillborn, or the mother will die.  These are rare cases, but they exist.  We need to work that out.

To complicate matters, medical school are now almost universally woke

Medicine and wokeness are not compatible, so it’s a fad, but it may be with us for a long time.  That means it’s harder to trust woke doctors when they make a diagnosis.  Again, a sad part of the modern world.

Abortion is the main reason I could never be a Democrat.

“Reproductive Rights” is a term that the Left uses without regard to the person being killed.  I can’t go there.  I can’t agree that a woman gets to kill a child in the womb because she let a man impregnate her and now, she doesn’t want the baby.  Look at the silly reasons we’ve listed above.

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To Democrats, babies are disposable.  When they are an inconvenience, just zap them.  You’ll never address them as “Bobby,” or “Sally,” or “Jose,” — because they’ll be dead.  With them dead, you don’t have to deal with them.  Just think of them as the fetus that you got rid of, and you’ll be fine.

I think we need a national discussion about life and death.

And liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all —even a child whose mother doesn’t want her.  We ought to have panels on TV discussing the sanctity of life – or lack of it.  We ought to discuss the rape victim who gets pregnant through no fault of her own, and what she ought to do.  We have to discuss our new somewhat fatherless society and how it affects all communities, but is especially harmful to black children.  We absolutely should discuss the situation of a pregnant woman who is told – reliably – that she will likely die in childbirth.

And what about a child that is expected to have Down Syndrome or some other defect at birth?  Is that child without worth?  Can that child be loved?  We have a lot to think about.

But we can’t do it now. 

The Democrats have screwed up everything about this country.  But they must have something to run on.  Outside of smearing their opponents as threats to Our Democracy, abortion is what they have.

So, it’s best for them not to think about the fact that their mothers loved them enough to give them life.  It’s best not to think about what your soon-to-be-aborted son or daughter might want for his or her first birthday.  It’s best not to think about your child coming from home from school with a big hug for the mom and dad that are heroes to him or her.  Don’t think about that first puppy or first date, or that eventual walk down the aisle.

None of that matters.  What matters is your own convenience, and making damn sure neither Trump nor any other conservative wins an election.  Reproductive Rights is all that matters because the radicals in the Democratic Party base insist on them.  And every single one of them was allowed to be born.

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