Lunacy of the Left Reflected Daily in Social Media

Rob Reiner – “Meathead” from “All in the Family” likes to post on X something to the effect of: “I’m so proud that Joe Biden is my president.”  He’s not alone.  Celebrities like writer Stephen King and “Star Trek’s” George Takei do it too, making me wonder if the Democrat Party supplies them with complimentary things to post about Biden.

But it gets worse. 

Left-wing politicians post as well, and some of the things they say are nuts.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is always praising the fact that Democrats pass huge spending bills. 

Bernie Sanders dumps on Israel for fighting back at the Hamas terrorists.  While all this is going on the left-wing posters claim to despise Elon Musk, but they haven’t stopped tweeting on X.

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All you have to do is open up X and search for the loons.

Here are some jewels from X that popped up today:

Lynn Woolley interviewing Bernie Sanders on the U.S. Capitol grounds in Washington 9-29-21. (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily.)

BERNIE SANDERS (Independent senator from Vermont): “The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire, and getting worse by the minute.  Israel must obey international law and allow innocent men, women, and children the food, water, and medical supplies, and fuel that is desperately needed.  NOW.”

This is boilerplate left-wing, blaming Israel without mentioning that Hamas mounted a sneak attack, raped women, killed babies and even targeted young people at a music festival.  Shame on you, Bernie.

THE LINCOLN PROJECT (Left-wing interest group): “For 4 years, Trump made us a laughing stock.  He cozied up to dictators.  And he made the world less safe.  President Biden has reversed course and is providing the moral leadership required of an American President.”

This is a prime example of the gaslighting that the Left posts on X.  Trump got us into no wars. Biden has us involved in two with Taiwan looming.  Biden’s “moral leadership” apparently includes selling influence to China and whoever else will pay for it.  Biden has given us the border crisis the fentanyl crisis, rampant inflation, and super-high gasoline prices.

GEORGE TAKEI (Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek”): “I guess Mike Pence realized he couldn’t out-Jesus Mike Johnson for press attention.”

Mike Johnson has been attacked by the Left as “MAGA Mike,” which (to sane people) is a compliment.  Even if you’re a Trump hater, MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again.”  That ought to include, in addition to Biden’s wars and other crises, fixing our failing government schools, restoring our universities to greatness, promoting the traditional family so that young boys have fathers, respecting life in the womb, and ending the lunacy of sex-change.  But you might need some Jesus to do that, and the Left HATES Jesus.

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (Bartender from New York serving in Congress): “Two million people.  Half children.  Starved.  Bombed.  Cut from communication. Have those facilitating this thought much about the future this leaves us?  No.  Some may dismiss a ceasefire as naïve or worse.  Yet who has a plan for what follows this destruction?  What do we call that?”

Sandy Cortez is worried about the Gazans but shows no compassion for the Israelis that have been blown up, shot, raped, or beheaded by the Hamas terrorists.  Israel is less worried about “a plan for what follows” than it is for eliminating the bloodthirsty savages that mounted the sneak attack.  Hamas, on the other hand, has a plan.  It intends to kill every single Jew.

STEPHEN KING (Novelist): “The cycle – many victims killed by gunshot, hunt for the killer, IDing the dead, killer dies by suicide, mourning the dead, declarations of healing to come – is now complete.  Until next time.  Rinse and repeat.”

King, whose books are often gruesome and with graphic depictions of violence, often “goes for the gross-out” as he once admitted.  Sometimes, Mr. King, life imitates art, and this time it did so in the state where most of your nasty books are set.  Recently, I Xed back and offered Mr. King my collection of his books at a reduced price.  Thank God I bought most of them at used book stores so that he never saw a nickel of profit from me.

REP. JAMIE RASKIN (Sleazy Congressman from Maryland): “The cutoff of communications and internet systems in Gaza deepens the humanitarian crisis for civilians already pounded by life-threatening shortages of food, medicine, water, and fuel.  Time to get relief to Palestinians is NOW.”

Raskin is a prime example of a left-wing nutcase who can take a simple fact and twist it into pretzels.  The Left does this by repeating flawed talking points until they seem real, and by leaving out key elements of stories – you know, like the fact that Hamas savages killed thousands of Israelis in a sneak attack.  And, of course, that Hamas and Iran teach their children in school to hate the Jews, and encourage them to become suicide bombers.  The people of Gaza ought to turn on Hamas and revolt against it.  If they, did, the people of Israel would provide all the aid they need.

HAKEEM JEFFRIES (Highly-partisan leader of congressional Democrats): “Extreme MAGA Republicans are determined to impose a nationwide ban on abortion care.  House Democrats will always defend a woman’s freedom to make her own reproductive healthcare decisions.  Big difference.”

I can’t think of a better example of the degradation of American culture than the idea of unrestricted abortions.  Remember, the Founders put LIFE as the first of three things that America should stand for.  Life came before liberty or pursuit of happiness.  And the Democrats, who so casually see abortion as a form of birth control, have outed themselves as the party that opposes compassion.  Yes, I know this issue has harmed Republicans politically.  That’s all right.  Sometimes you stand up for life even when it’s not popular.  The collective heart of the American public has been hardened by decades of liberal women whining about “the right to choose.”  In this case, “choice” means “death” for a child that would have wanted to live.  Jesus might have advocated for life, but so what?  To Democrats, Jesus is not relevant.

Audio:  Lynn Woolley asks a question of Bernie Sanders about Democrats’ tax-and-spend policies on Washington on September 29, 2021.

And I could go on for pages.

If you want to know who and what Democrats are, simply listen to what they say.  Read what they post.  They hate Israel, unborn babies, Jesus, the traditional family, borders, the United States, Donald Trump, your right to own a gun, the Constitution, and the idea of American exceptionalism.

I know this because I listen to them.  And I read what they post.  And because I believe what they tell me, I understand that the Democrat Party is America’s biggest threat.

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I’m no Stephen King.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

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