Five Things to add to Public Schools and Five Things to Subtract

School photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily

The Texas State Legislature is run by Republicans, but the public school system is run by Democrats.  This makes for an odd juxtaposition when it comes to financing the schools.

But what if we could agree on teaching these five items at all grade levels:  American exceptionalism, Constitution studies, citizenship, civics, and personal finance. 

And here’s what ought to be removed from our schools:  Critical Race Theory, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, LGBT propaganda, the 1619 Project, and porn in school libraries.

But since schools are leftist operations these days, the education establishment will never agree.  That’s why conservative parents in Texas need a choice of who’s going to teach their children.

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The battle for Texas schools is over ideology and not truth.

These five things that most conservatives would like to see gone from our schools are all ideological.  To wit:

Critical Race Theory teaches that there are two types of people: the oppressed and the oppressors.  This is bald-faced, open, unbridled racism.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a better idea, but he’s out of favor these days.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, couched in nice-sounding words, is about mediocrity as a way of life.  Equality under the law is essential to a free society, but “equity” is the Left’s way of dumbing down society and removing incentive to be better.  Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan called it: “Defining Deviancy Down.”  He was a Democrat.

The LGBTQIA movement is deeply embedded in our schools.  It’s to the point now where some schools are helping young children “transition” without the knowledge of their parents.  This is evil.  Children who are coerced by schools into following through with this social contagion likely will regret it.  Already, the lawsuits have begun.

The 1619 Project holds that the United States was born in slavery.  Presumably, the U.S. remains a terrible racist country.  Perhaps this field of study ought to look into why millions of people in hellhole countries risk their lives to come here.  In fact, there is no better place on Earth for black people than the United States.

Of all these things that ought to be removed from public schools, smut in the classroom and in libraries is the most obvious.  WBDaily has posted columns on this, showing the filth that our schools appear to condone.

School boards refuse to allow parents to read from these books during meetings.  Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana read them to other senators and it was uncomfortable for them to hear.

Video: Sen. John Kennedy (Sept. 12, 2023) reads graphic quotes from children’s books at senate hearing.

If adults are repulsed by their content, then why are they still in schools?  Or drag queens that demean women, or biological males that attempt to cancel women’s sports?

We could replace these atrocities with positive things for children to learn.

As we’ve seen from pro-Palestinian demonstrations on elite college campuses, antisemitism, Marxism, and anti-Americanism is rampant in our country.  That starts in grade school.

Video from MSNBC: Following backlash, Harvard President Claudine Gay in a new statement condemned Hamas’ attack on Israel.

We ought to be teaching that America, with its faults, is still the greatest country on Earth.  We ought to be teaching Judeo-Christian values.  Our students should learn about the Founding Fathers, the Framers of the Constitution, and what the Bill of Rights is all about.

They ought to learn how government works at all levels and why too much government coming out of Washington is problematic.  They need to learn something about money – what compound interest is, and how to stay off the government dole.

We might even teach them the old, outdated idea that a family is about a man and a woman falling in love and having children that they raise with traditional values.

But good luck with that.

Communism, socialism, Marxism, antisemitism, racism, anti-Americanism, homosexuality, drug culture, legalized gambling – all these things are in style right now.  We could use our public schools to instill traditional values, but Democrats control the schools and they don’t like traditional values.

That’s why conservative parents need a choice.  School choice is only way that public schools will ever get better.  And it’s the only way to keep the Left from getting their hands on our children and molding them into what we’re now seeing on college campuses.

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