Angry Joe Biden Offers a Gloomy, Divisive Vision of America

Joe Biden’s “Red Speech” at Independence Hall Sept. 1, 2002 (Public Domain)

Joe Biden’s speeches get me down.  They probably get everyone down.

To hear Biden speak is to wallow in pessimism and racism – down in the gutter with what he seems to think his base wants to hear.  It’s not exactly “Morning in America,” and it’ certainly is not “Make America Great Again.”  Biden’s reelection pitch has nothing to do with the promise of America.  Nothing to do with his record of improving anyone’s life.

It has to do with “equality and democracy under assault,” as he said during his Philadelphia speech with the Nazi imagery.  Or how much America hates black people as he told students at Morehouse College.  It’s depressing enough to even make Democrats want to vote for somebody – anybody – else.

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Three of Joe Biden’s most recent speech showcase his anger, his pessimism, and how much he despises anyone who disagrees with him.

On September 1st, 2022, Biden gave a speech from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, where the Constitution was written and debated.  It was two months before the midterm elections, and Biden asked the networks for primetime coverage – and got it.  It turned out to be a campaign speech aimed at smearing former President Donald Trump and his followers.

Video:  Newscast highlights of the Red Speech

Biden’s handlers labeled it the “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” speech, but many people called it the “Red” speech because of the bizarre crimson lighting, or the “Nazi” speech because of the military trappings.  It was classic Biden smear-mongering at his worst.  According to Biden:

“Equality and democracy are under assault.”

This from a president who has declared war on fossil fuels, wants to control the kind of car we drive, wants to take away kitchen appliances he doesn’t like, and who has used powers he does not have under the Constitution to forgive student loan debt, and open the southern border.

Video:  It’s hard to watch the Red Speech, but you should at least try

Biden gets more negative as the days pass.

In his 2024 State of the Union address, Biden continued his theme of Trump-as-dictator, and how he (Biden) must be given four more years to finish the job or Trump will destroy “Our Democracy.” 

Video:  Biden’s 2024 State of the Union highlights – was he pumped up on drugs?

Biden went all the way back to the War Between the States to say that no president has ever been as tyrannical as Trump:

“Not since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault as they are today.”

This Biden theme is ubiquitous for a reason. 

Black people and other minorities prospered under the Trump administration, but are facing far worse times under Biden.  Biden’s choices are to admit that and lose the election, or lie about it and blame inflation (which he falsely claimed three times was 9 percent when he took office) on Trump.

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That’s why Trump is enjoying the support of thousands of black people who voted for Biden in 2020.  Under Trump, their lives were good.  Not so much under Biden.  Instead of changing his failed policies, Biden chooses to lie and demonize.

This speech is also remarkable for the super-low expectations that Biden’s puppet masters set up for him.  When he exceeded them, it was a big win for him.  Trump believes he was jacked up on drugs, and lots of Americans agree with him.  Trump, in fact, has suggested drugs tests before the presidential debates, if Joe decides to show up.

Video:  The Morehouse speech — is this Joe at his lowest?

Biden’s speech at historically black Morehouse College may be his most disastrous speech ever.

How low can Joe go?  He showed us all at Morehouse.  Even’s FOX News’ much-lauded young black reporter Lawrence Jones stated on “Fox and Friends”:

“Imagine you’ve made all these sacrifices to graduate just to hear the President say the country doesn’t love you.”

It was, again, classic Biden, telling lies, and ignoring his own record to suggest that Trump would not be good for black people (as he was in his first term), and warning the all-male student body about white supremacy.

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Some turned their backs on him in solidarity with Palestinians – an issue over which Joe tries to tread a middle ground and makes both sides mad.

Video:  Greg Gutfeld and Bill Maher dismantle Biden’s disaster at Morehouse

At Morehouse, Biden also brought up the old left-wing trope about election lines:

“Today in Georgia, they will not allow water to be available to you while you wait in line to vote in an election.  What in the hell is that all about?”

Joe knows what that’s about.  It’s about preventing Democrats from working the election lines illegally.  Dems would just love to visit with the folks in line under the guise of handing out water.  Voters could bring their own water, of course, but then Biden couldn’t make it look like racism.  And then more classic, lying Joe:

“I never thought I’d be president at a time where there is a national effort to ban books.”

Joe’s mouth was moving, and therefore he was telling untruths.  Keeping homosexual sex manuals and other porn out of school libraries is not remotely akin to banning books.  Any parent that wants to expose his/her children to that kind of smut can purchase the book at the mall or online.  Not one book has been banned any anybody and Biden knows that.  Assuming his drugs are working.

Ronald Reagan gave us MORNING IN AMERICA and Donald Trump gave us MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

View the Reagan campaign ad several times, because it never gets old.  The late, great Hal Riney’s voice-over provided the perfect tone for the visuals as Reagan hammered home how great America became after his first four years in office.  Trump’s MAGA slogan promised a better fours ahead following Obama, and Trump delivered.

Video:  Morning in America – perhaps the greatest political ad ever

Biden can’t say any of these things, because with him in office, it’s midnight in America. 

Prices are up, inflation is eating our paychecks, we’re being invaded through our southern border, crime is at super-high levels, drugs are killing Americans, our military is not ready for the next war, children are being mutilated with “gender affirming care,” and two foreign wars started under Biden’s watch.  Morning seems so far away…

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Yes, it can get worse.  If given another four years, Biden will destroy fossil fuels and make us all drive Elon’s fancy golf carts.  Race relations will get worse.  The invasion will continue.  We will have to confront Russia and/or China with a weakened military.  We’re already $35,000,000,000,000 in debt and Biden has lots more spending to do.

It’s angry Joe and all be miserable together, or unpredictable Don, the junkyard dog.  I’ve always been partial to dogs.

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