Joe Biden Wants to Scare You into Voting for Him

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann).

With the country and the world on fire, the current occupant of the White House can hardly run on his record.  And so, his main campaign thrust seems to be:  I’m a terrible president, but the other guy is worse.  Maybe it’s the only strategy he’s got, but the Democrats’ constant carping about “Our Democracy” is shallow.

Bringing the Trump-deranged actor Robert DeNiro to attack the former president outside his New York trial seems like an act of desperation.

DeNiro, in fact, had nothing to offer except hatred.  As the crowd chanted anti-Biden slogans, DeNiro claimed Trump would destroy the city, the nation, and the world.

Biden has already come close to doing that, and that makes the Trump as a danger-to-democracy strategy somewhat dubious.

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Trump is one scary dude, if you listen to Joe, Jill, and The View!

Biden repeatedly tells us that Trump would be a dictator and would end our democracy.  Jill Biden, the current (if illegitimate) First Lady, has now been sent out to make similar proclamations, appearing on the Left-Leading-Ladies show “The View” on ABC.

Video:  Dr. Jill on The View – Trump will take away women’s rights, even the right to vote

Dr. Jill claimed that Trump would take away women’s reproductive rights, and even their right to vote.  The panel chimed in that Trump might decide to stay in office past his two-term constitutional limit.

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So far, among Joe, Jill, and DeNiro, we’ve got Trump taking away all rights from women (including suffrage), overriding the Constitution to serve multiple terms as president, destroying New York City, then destroying the country and then the entire world.

Video:  Actor Robert DeNiro brings nothing but scare tactics to the table in New York.

Who knows what charges have been made on “The Morning Joe?”  And following the charges that have been made about what Trump would do, what could be worse than destroying the world?  DeNiro did not explain how he knew Trump would do this or how he might accomplish it.

All this silly rhetoric comes from the American Left, which apparently fails to see that Joe Biden has done a pretty good job in the area of destruction.  I have no qualms about putting the blame for two wars – in Ukraine and Gaza – squarely at Biden’s feet.  He’s weak, he’s indecisive, he’s demented, and he’s surrounded by a team of left-wing ideologues who blame everything on climate change.  And Trump.  Hell, Trump probably caused climate change.

Video:  Kamala Harris and Biden in Philadelphia courting (and scaring) black voters.

Saving “Our Democracy” versus the Trump “Witch Hunt.”

For Trump’s part, he has an unlikely strategy as well.  You’d think he’d be out telling voters how cheap gasoline was when he was in office – or how good Americans had it.  There were no foreign wars to finance under Trump.  The border was secure.  Inflation was at 1.4 percent.  Downtown Austin could not build skyscrapers fast enough to meet the demand.

Then came the Pandemic, and Biden and his cronies used it to malign Trump

Biden would not be in office without Trump to kick around.  It’s how got elected, and it’s why he has failed.  Biden, like DeNiro, hates Trump.  Maybe it’s the beautiful women.  Maybe it’s the money and the real estate.  But more likely, it’s that Trump right-leaning policies worked while theirs are falling apart.

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Trump knows – and so do you – that the Democrats cheated to get Biden elected, and they used the Pandemic to do it.  Laws were unlawfully changed.  Mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting were used and likely abused by the Dems.  Signatures were forged – and go ahead – prove me wrong!  Media like CNN and the New York Times suppressed Hunter Biden stories and others that might have harmed Biden’s changes.  It was rigged and that’s just a fact.

Winning out over Trump has not been easy for the Dems. 

That’s why they did these things.  Remember, they had impeached him twice.  Didn’t work.  Hillary paid for a fake dossier to get him.   That didn’t work.  Not even the January 6 Committee could end his political career.

And speaking of J6, or the left-wing holiday we call Januarysixthmas, expect this event to be a huge part pf Biden’s scare tactic.  It’s a mania with the Left, and while the Black Lives Matter riots, and even the antisemitic college protests lasted longer and were more deranged, Democrats care little about those events.  BLM and snowflake college students are part of the Democrat base, and so those events can be ignored.  But January 6 fits in perfectly with the Biden message.  Expect to hear about it, ad nauseum.

And, of course, there are the court cases.  Democrats are nothing if not persistent.  They keep trying to “get Trump,” and so now we have the Witch Hunt.

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Lawfare against Trump was intended to end his political aspirations.  Maybe the Dems will finally succeed, but so far, all the charges and court cases have propelled Trump to locking up the Republican nomination.

So, it comes down to this:  which of these things will decide the 2024 election?

Biden is running on scare tactics, saying that Trump will take away women’s rights and destroy the world.  Trump, with little choice, is using the Witch Hunt to his advantage.  So far, Trump’s strategy seems to be working better.  The election will be close and the Democrats will beg, borrow, cheat, steal, lie, and sue to keep Trump from taking away their power.  They might even attempt to harm Trump – or worse.

Don’t kid yourself; this election is for the soul of America. 

We can elect someone who will at least try to make America great again, or someone who will dictate what you can drive, how you can cook, and how high your taxes will be raised.  Trump’s America was pretty dang good until it was disrupted by a pandemic.  Biden’s America has been one of total misery, foreign wars, border invasions, and a rising cost of living.

We ought to be scared of Joe Biden and his handlers.  The Biden blunders are legion and they are real.  The claims made about Trump are all imagined and made-up, not at all reflecting what happened during his first term.   I know which of these candidates scares me.  And it’s not Trump.

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