The Undistinguished Political Career of Joe Biden Comes to an Undistinguished End

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann).

Joe Biden’s biggest accomplishment is staying in office for so long without any accomplishments.  Biden is a career politician famous for being wrong on every foreign policy debate he’s weighed in on – including the killing of Osama bin Laden.

And think about it.

Biden plagiarized other people’s speeches when he was running for president back in the eighties.  As president, his accomplishments, if you can call them that, have all made America worse.

Biden likes to cite the Inflation Reduction Act, but that that was money wasted on the climate change hoax.  His open borders opened the door to human trafficking and fentanyl deaths, and allowed terrorists into the country.

On his way out the door, his legacy is weak and his place in history will not be kind.

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Biden’s legacy was already in motion when, early in his presidency, he botched the Afghanistan Withdrawal, leading to the deaths of 13 American service people.  He has lied about it ever since, calling it a successful operation.  Along with blunders such as the open border and inflation, this debacle will forever be at the top of Biden’s long list of failures.

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Biden, in fact, might be called the “accidental president.”

No one wanted him to be president.  The problem for Democrats was their bench was terrible and they needed someone to counter that “scary” Donald Trump.  You know – the guy who started no wars, and had inflation and the border under control.

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Biden’s campaign was not in good shape when Congressman James Clyburn resurrected it.  It was all about two things:  the black vote, and finding a harmless grandpa type to go up against Trump.

As it turned out, Biden was the worst possible choice. 

With the pandemic still raging, Biden and Dems were free to continue spending as they wished – and Democrats always wish for a lot of spending.  Biden would have spent even more, but “Build Back Better” never made it to home plate.  The dirty little secret is that Republicans’ hands are dirty as well, but that’s another column for some other day.

As it turned out, un-scary Joe Biden (whom I have consistently refused to called “president” because I think the election was tampered with) was terrible for two reasons in addition to the usual problems with Democrats.

First, in his party’s unbridled hatred for Donald Trump, Joe undid many of the things Trump had in place – particularly with regard to the border.  Second, Biden was already in some stage of dementia at the time of his inauguration, and everybody has opinions on who controls him.  Maybe it’s Dr. Jill, Barack Obama, Anita Dunn, or Hillary Clinton.  No matter who it was, Joe’s unhinged administration gave us open borders, two wars, skyrocketing inflation, and shellshock at the grocery store and gas station.

Could someone name all these successes that Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff, and Chris Coons blather about?

Remember that Biden came into office without any serious accomplishments as senator or vice president.  And his big-spending policies added to all the COVID-19 stimulus that had already been passed to send inflation north for the first time in decades.  President Gerald Ford, if he were still around, could explain how hard it is to get the inflation genie back in the bottle.  WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons didn’t do it, and Joe has no idea how to do it.

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He seems to think taxing the rich, who already pay most of the taxes, and making them pay their “fair share” will do it.  But Joe seems unaware that the rich, who own corporations and hire millions of people, will simply raise the cost of the goods and services they sell.  This is Economics 101 to anyone who understands the free market.  It is a mystery to Joe Biden and his Democrat handlers.

If Biden is clueless on economics, he’s far more sinister on the border.

Biden’s handlers know this:  Immigrants, especially the illegal kind, love it when Democrats let them break in line, and fail to hold them accountable – much less deport them.  Democrats are playing a waiting game here.

First, let millions come in and disperse them around the nation.  Get assistance from Republican governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott who help ship them to other metro areas.

Second, provide them food and shelter on the backs of taxpayers, and oppose any efforts to keep them from voting.

Third, and this is the big payoff for Democrats — wait until they start having babies while in this country and get automatic birthright citizenship.  The babies grow up to be Democrats, or so the Dems are hoping.  This is how you create a permanent Democrat majority.  Does Biden understand this?   He does – as much as understands anything in his condition.  But whoever is behind this understands it.

America under Joe Biden is unrecognizable.

Spanish has become a de facto second national language, without anyone getting to vote on it.  Cost of goods and services are through the roof.  Biden conducted a war on fossil fuels and has depleted our Strategic Oil Reserve.  He has a created a woke military that is not in a state of readiness.  On his watch, two major wars have broken out and he has no clue what to do about them.  We appear weak on the world stage – because we are.  There is no sting in anything Joe Biden says to enemy heads-of-state, assuming he says anything other than “don’t.”

Beyond polices, Biden is a pathological liar.  His tall tales are legendary to any dog-faced pony solider who has heard them.  He very well may believe some of them are true.  From his exploits with Corn Pop to his recent contention that his uncle was invited to dinner by cannibals, and in fact, was dinner – who can believe anything this man says?

My challenge to Democrats.

You try to tell me that Joe Biden is the most successful president in modern times.  I’ve seen many of you contend this on TV.  I’ll grudgingly give you the issue of lower cost insulin, although I’m not at all sure that government interference isn’t what caused the cost to be so high in the first place.  Note that Biden unconstitutionally and with disregard for the Supreme Court, tried to forgive college debt.  Why did college debt need forgiving?  Because government subsidizes it, and the colleges, especially after Obama nationalized student loans, see tuition as a never-ending cash cow.

So, my challenge is for Democrats to name me one thing – anything – that Joe Biden has done that has made America better off, or has caused the general population to have better lives.  What has Biden done to unite the country?  Anything?

Video:  Biden’s dismal record

He’s destroyed the borders, watched two bloody wars start, told me what kind of car and kitchen appliances I’m allowed to purchase, and he’s presided over the worst inflation since the Ford administration.  My country – our country – is far worse off after Biden than after Trump.  If we hadn’t had the pandemic, Biden would never have been eased into office by Clyburn and the Democrats and imagine what another four years of Trump’s successful policies would mean.

Barack Obama put it best:

“Don’t underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f*ck things up.”

It appears that the undistinguished political career of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is at an embarrassing end.  I can’t think of any politician in the country who might do a worse job.

Except Kamala Harris.

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