Hickland Enters Central Texas House Race

Citing border security, education and the cost of living as major campaign issues, Belton resident Hillary Hickland, a ninth generation Texan, wife and mother of four, has entered the March 5 Republican primary race for State Representative of Texas House District 55.

Border security: Keeping families safe

Hickland names “the crisis” at our southern border as the “preeminent threat to our state.”

“Resolving it must be our top priority,” Hickland states. In a release, Hickland further contends:

Lack of border security has given way to a humanitarian crisis that is fueling human trafficking and flooding our state and nation with Fentanyl finding its way into our communities and our schools. The situation at our border leaves Texans in a state of vulnerability and has created an unsustainable burden, without the support of the federal government or cooperation from Mexico. Texas must use every resource available to strengthen border security.

Hickland emphasizes the importance of a properly secured border with efforts that are manned, monitored and maintained. She further acknowledges the tactical successes of physical barriers coupled with technology and fortified with skilled servicemen and women as means by which to achieve such goals.

Education: Empowering parents with education freedom

Calling education “the great equalizer,” Hickland says education must be focused on “the best outcome for each individual child.”

“While our local teachers are the finest in the state, parents must retain the God-given right to choose what is best,” Hickland states. “No one knows and loves their children better than the parents. We must allow parents to be the decision makers when it comes to their children’s future.”

Her statement also notes:

Because she believes that education is not a one-size fits all model, she is a strong supporter of school choice in the form of Education Savings Accounts. Education savings accounts (ESAs) in K-12 education establish for parents a publicly funded, government-authorized savings account with restricted, but multiple uses for educational purposes. Parents may use the funds to pay for expenses including: school tuition, tutoring, online education programs, therapies for students with special needs, textbooks or other instructional materials and sometimes, save for college.

“Too many of our students are falling behind,” Hickland notes. “They need options and ESAs open the door to limitless opportunities that will customize the best possible outcome for each student regardless of their zip code or financial status.”

Cost of living: Easing burdens on taxpayers through fiscal responsibility

As Texans struggle to pay bills, purchase homes or maintain businesses, Hickland lists cutting spending and further reducing property taxes with the aim of eliminating property taxes all together as campaign commitments. She additionally lists seeking to remove regulations that hinder free market enterprise and economic freedom.

In describing her “proven effective advocacy,” Hickland’s release states:

Hickland’s dedication to education is personal and profound. Spurred into action by the discovery of inappropriate books in school libraries, she has been instrumental on the front lines of educational reform. Serving with distinction on the Republican Party of Texas Subcommittee for the Legislative Priority to “Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids,” her leadership was pivotal in the passage of HB900 (The READER Act), purging sexually explicit and age- inappropriate content from our children’s schools and safeguarding their innocence. She also effectively engaged in the legislative process to outlaw gender modification in minors, protect women’s sports and furthering protections for children from sexual performances and online exposure.

In building off “protections established by those who came before us,” the release says Hickland will “take on threats to our family and our state.”

“Texas has always been a beacon for individual liberties that come from God. The people of House District 55 deserve strong, principled leaders who will reflect the values of our district and that’s why I’m running for State Representative,” Hickland concludes. “I would greatly appreciate your vote.”

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Lou Ann Anderson is a writer, former radio producer and current podcaster at Political Pursuits.  Her tenure as Watchdog Wire–Texas editor involved covering state news and coordinating the site’s citizen journalist network. As a past Policy Analyst with Americans for Prosperity–Texas, Lou Ann wrote and spoke on a variety of issues including the growing issue of probate abuse in which wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney are used to loot assets from intended heirs or beneficiaries.  She holds a degree from the University of North Texas in Denton.

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