Democrats have a crowded field waiting to replace Joe Biden

Gavin Newsom by Gage Skidmore taken on 1 June 2019.  Used in accordance with posted terms.

It’s become apparent that Joe Biden, having driven America into the ground with his policies, is not physically nor mentally capable of serving another term.

The Democrats will replace him, but with whom?

In a normal time, the Vice President would step up, but Kamala Harris, whose age is not an issue, is less capable of leading than Joe Biden is.

Michelle Obama is often mentioned, but she has no political accomplishments, has admitted to not liking America very much, and would likely be a shadow president for her husband, as many suspect Biden already is.

Of the Big Three, that leaves California Governor Gavin Newsom who, by most measures, is a failed governor.  But he looks good on TV and Can debate.

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And who’s waiting in the wings?

At least three more semi-viable candidates would love to jump in, if none of the above mentioned can gain any steam.

First is Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.  She’s ultra-liberal, and would carry forth many of the Joe Biden policies, but that’s not what would doom her.  It’s her contention that she’s part Native American that made her an international laughing stock.  Trump called her “Pocahontas.”  I called her “Papoose.”  That’s her brand, and I doubt that
she can overcome it.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan is another possibility.  Like warren, she’s a true left-winger in a time when left-wing politics are popular on campuses, but wildly unsuccessful.  Her little kidnapping escapade might be her version of the Warren’s Native American blunder.

Finally, there’s been talk of drafting Sect. of  Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who is known for taking maternity/paternity leave with his husband after adopting twin babies.  He’s also known for being insensitive to the rail disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, and for wasting taxpayer money using government airplanes.

Any one of these last three would be eviscerated in the conservative press.  And the Mainstream Media can only protect them to a certain extent.   Donald Trump already has a  brand for Warren (Pocahontas), and his pet names for any of these Democrats will resound throughout the campaign – even if Trump is still fighting his indictments and lawsuits.

That’s why it will be Newsom.

As Republicans attempt to select the best of the remaining candidates to take on Donald Trump for the nomination, Democrats are reduced to selecting the best of the worst.

There’s no question that Gavin Newsom has a political base in California, but then Golden State’s electoral votes are not in question.  Has he been a good governor – no.  People are leaving the state in droves.  But he can debate and he has good hair.  Right now, that seems to be the best the Democrats can do.

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