Cult of Diversity Now Infecting America’s Medical Institutions

Diversity training screenshot from Baylor Scott & White, Temple, Texas 9-22-23. (Courtesy photo)

The idea of a colorblind society seems so outdated these days.

In so many American institutions, such as the Mainstream Media, and our schools and colleges, race is the thing.  Skin color is huge.  Excellence – not so much.  But then, merit is a hard sell outside of sports, where you win or you’re gone.

Now, it’s the oppressed or the oppressors – you’re one or the other. 

You may be surprised to find how entrenched this new Marxism has become in our major clinics and hospitals.  Remember this the next time you go in for a checkup or for major surgery.

Hospitals are now concerned with diversity, equity and inclusion – and with saving Mother Earth. I used to think they were concerned with saving me.

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It’s sad to add major hospitals and clinics to the ranks of the cult.

It’s too late to stop it.

It’s saturated throughout our country’s medical establishments.  Whether it’s a medical or nursing school – where graduates are sometime forced to recite a bizarre oath to divert, to Planet Earth, and to own up to their own racial prejudices – or a local clinic, diversity is never far away.

“Inclusivity” training post from WVA Medicine in Morgantown 11/16/23 (Courtesy photo)

WBDaily has received screen shots and even audio from hospitals in Central Texas, the northeast, and even in conservative Oklahoma where the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing seems to have bought in to the cult big time.

Nurses tell us that the diversity training classes are mandatory.  That means the people that treat you, inoculate you, and intubate you have been schooled in modern socialist theory.

Audio:  Oath administered to graduates of the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing on 5/14/22.   Audio file property of

This is modern Marxism, and it’s now affecting how we receive medical treatment.

Marxism used to divide us by class – the corporations versus the workers.  Now we’re divided by race and the current gender insanity, which is even worse.  And the patients (patients of color?) understand what’s going on and some have learned to use it against the nurses trying to treat them.

One nurse told me she was slightly late for a meeting with a black family to go over their family member’s medical situation.  She was late because of an emergency on the floor she had to attend to.  When she arrived, she apologized and said something to effect of:

I’m so sorry I’m late.  It’s a jungle out there.

She got reported for “racial insensitivity.”  She was not suspended or anything like that, because, essentially, the charge was ridiculous.  But this is where we are.

Let’s hope the woke insanity in our medical institutions ends soon and we call all get back to being human beings who respect each other no matter what color our skin happens to be.

In the meantime, walk on eggshells and stay out of trouble.  We live in seriously stupid times.

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