Crises Texas Public Education Refuse to Face (Audio)

Graphic by Lou Ann Anderson for WBDaily.

As the public appears to be losing confidence in public education, issues surrounding Belton Independent School District exemplify this trend. Join Lou Ann, Lynn Woolley (Austin’s Cardle and Woolley Talk 1370 AM) plus Janet Brown and Jeff Howard from Belton ISD Accountability for this episode of Political Pursuits: The Podcast as they discuss what’s happening in central Texas and beyond.


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Lou Ann Anderson worked in central Texas talk radio as both a host and producer and currently hosts Political Pursuits: The Podcast. Her tenure as Watchdog Wire–Texas editor involved covering state news and coordinating the site’s citizen journalist network. As a past Policy Analyst with Americans for Prosperity–Texas, Lou Ann wrote and spoke on a variety of issues including the growing issue of probate abuse in which wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney are used to loot assets from intended heirs or beneficiaries.

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