Trump’s America vs Biden’s America

In a back-and-forth with my friend “Unsigned in Waco” who is a never Trumper, I asked a point-blank question:

You need to sit down and tell me — if you want me to hate Trump as you do — how we will be better off as a country and as conservatives with a Biden presidency. I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing a terrible situation in the country if Biden wins.

Unsigned, of course, is committed to the thought that Russia owns Donald Trump and has pulled his strings for a long time. That was the New York Times narrative for three years, and CNN put all its ratings eggs in that same basket.

But when the Mueller investigation was concluded, it did not bear fruit for the anti Trumpers. Now, there’s even an investigation to see how much corruption was involved in the Russia probe – including malfeasance with the FISA Court. WBDaily’s Ben Barrack was the first (that I know of) to warn that the Durham probe would be a dud – in the same manner that James Comey’s case against Hillary Clinton was abandoned in spite of overwhelming evidence. But we’ll see.

Since the Russian investigation petered out with a whimper, rather than a bang, I moved on.

Unsigned, however, has not. Here is his answer to my interrogative:

I think Don is a deeply compromised person who has no business as CIC. He’s always acted like there’s something the Russians have on him. He lost hundreds of millions in the ‘90’s but mysteriously made good for it although his Deutsche Bank loans account for only a fraction of the money lost. Russian OC types lived and operated out of Trump Tower in the 90’s in addition to being fixtures at his money laundering casinos. Ex-Soviet OC mobsters also partnered financially in virtually all his real estate deals and were among the top buyers for his branded properties. Then there’s the known contacts between his top campaign advisors (like Manafort and Stone) and Russian intelligence operatives. There’s still a lot more that we don’t know than what we know.

Essentially, Unsigned is telling us that President Trump is a mobster. Here’s the rub. Americans knew that Trump was a rich, real-estate mogul from New York when he was hired. Many people including me voted for him with trepidation because we disliked Hillary Clinton far more.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

That was the choice. Trump or another corrupt Clinton.

Hillary’s dealings with Russia were beyond corrupt. There was the so-called Russian reset, the Uranium One deal, and Bill’s $500,000 speech in Moscow. There was also a matter of the Clinton Foundation, which was in the business of selling access to power – Hillary’s supposed ascension to the presidency.

You may not like Trump’s style, and I often don’t, but Hillary Clinton would have been a Russian puppet in my estimation.

I held my nose and voted for Trump, and what did he do? He ended Obama-era regulations and cut taxes leading to the best economy in the nation’s history. He correctly stated that illegal Mexican immigrants are often rapists (David Diaz Morales) and murderers (there are hundreds if not thousands of examples – starting with the Kate Steinle case).

Trump also turned out to be more conservative than Mitt Romney, or George W. Bush. President Trump is surprisingly pro-life. He wants to control immigration as every other country on the face of the planet does. He resists the idea of spending trillions to change the average temperature by a tenth of a degree. He has run the government logically and successfully – to the chagrin of those who hate him for hate’s sake.

The Democrats are showing us right now the type of contempt they have for this country. Say what you will, but Donald Trump believes in the American Way. He loves this country.

With that in mind, here is a my response to Unsigned:

I think Biden is a deeply compromised person who has no business as POTUS.  He has never held a private sector job.  He has sung the praises of confirmed racists such as Robert Byrd (and several others).  His family has a history of profiting off his influence, especially Hunter Biden who has had questionable dealings in Ukraine and China (and China is now our #1 adversary).   Biden has lost his cognitive ability and is now firmly in the hands of anti American anarchists that want to destroy the system we have and replace it with socialism/communism and race-based ideology. His top advisers are groupthink/anti-capitalists like Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  He would defund the police (at the worst) and neuter them (at best).  The murder rate will skyrocket.  Taxes will skyrocket.  The economy will crater.  HIs Supreme Court nominees would be far left in the style of Sotomayor, Ginsburg, and Kagan. His policies would include the Green New Deal and have already been estimated at a cost of $10 trillion.  America cannot and will not survive a Biden presidency, as brief as it may be.  If his veep is Kamala Harris or Susan Rice, we will have reparations for slavery, our cities will go to hell as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York already have.  Misery will set in.  Our country will default on loans.  Is this what you want?

What’s worse? A real-state tycoon who wanted to make a profit in Russia, but who loves this country – or a senile career-politician who has a sordid past and no apparent deeply-held values?

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann).

The last time I voted for Trump, I did so with great trepidation.

I was a Ted Cruz supporter and was devastated that Trump was able to smear Cruz. (Yes, that’s what he did.) Now I’m hoping that Trump can work his magic on Biden. This time, all he has to do is tell the truth about his lackluster opponent. I hope he nails Biden’s sorry butt to the wall.

I’ll be voting against the mob and for America. Donald Trump has proven to be the savior of our country – even in the face of blistering opposition from the left-wing media and Republican never Trumpers. If they get what they want, they will deserve what they get.

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