Could Larry Elder make California great again?

Californians have a big decision to make on September 14th.

Do they stay with an incompetent Democrat who, in his finest Joe Biden style, has totally screwed up the Golden State? Or do they put their trust in a 69-year-old black man who is the political opposite of Governor Gavin Newsom?

Larry Elder at Camp Pendleton in 2013 via Wikipedia. Public domain.

Here are just a few of Newsom’s problems:

California has the nation’s highest cost-of-living. It has the nation’s highest poverty rate, and a full third of the nation’s welfare recipients.

It has lost a seat in Congress.

People are fleeing with 687,000 moving to Texas over a decade.

Larry Elder can’t clean up the mess overnight. But Elder could be a harbinger of change for a troubled state.

Larry Elder will implement conservative ideas that could save California.

Of course, this assumes that if he gets the job, the left-wing Legislature will cooperate. One thing he would do is to implement school choice, and work to get rid of incompetent teachers that are now protected by unions.

The question is: even if Elder gets in, will Californians, who are mostly Democrats, realize that a Trump-like problem solver like Elder can rescue the state from their own ideology? Democrats have a long history of doubling down on stupid left-wing ideas, even when they are failing.

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