Random Samplings 50: The growing consensus that Biden is Destroying America

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind — I’m Lynn Woolley

What kills America?  Immigration?  Socialism? Spending?  Biden?

Bumper sticker scan by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily

ISSUE ONE: You know the thing

We’ve talked about the mostly ideological insanities of the Biden administration – everything from the border to inflation to his epic failure in Afghanistan. But it strikes us as interesting that it took this long for so many respected figures to come out and say that Biden isn’t just wrong – he’s catastrophically wrong.

In a speech at the Ronald Reagan Library, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that there are “destabilizing elements within the nation that could lead to collapse.”

Others who are issuing dire warnings include former HUD Secretary Ben Carson, talk show host Mark Levin, and pundit Pat Buchanan. These men are not Chicken Little. Yes, they’re on the Right, but they are also correct.

Biden is famous for never having been right on anything. As president, that record is intact. And he’s not just wrong; he’s dangerous.

ISSUE TWO: Debt could doom us  

A new Pat Buchanan column doesn’t mince words. He plainly states that if President Biden gets all the spending he wants, America will cross a divide from which history teaches there is no return.

Consider: Biden’s first big spending bill amounted to just under $2 trillion for COVID relief, passed without a Republican vote.   This plan was the framework for expanding the child tax credit, which could become permanent.

A so-called “bipartisan” group of senators has passed another bill of more than $1 trillion under the guise of infrastructure. At least 17 left-wing Republicans signed on.

Next up is the $3.5 trillion Democrat wish list to fix global warming and fundamentally change America by having government pay for most basic needs. It adds up to over $6 trillion and would create a new socialist state.

ISSUE THREE: Sticker shock

I did not vote for Joe Biden. I would never vote for Joe Biden. My personal opinion is that he’s the biggest nutcase ever to serve in the Oval Office. It’s my strong belief that this presidency is a fluke of nature, the result of an unexpected world pandemic that the Left managed to blame on Trump.

Biden appears to be a Trojan horse, elevated to the nomination when the Democrats’ freak show of candidates all fizzled out. You know who I mean: Kamala who dropped out early, Cory “Spartacus Booker,” and the dumbest of them all, Julian Castro who advocated for abortion for biological men.

Video:  June 26, 2019.  Please tell me this nut is not from Texas. 

I have a new bumper sticker that would proclaim to my part of the universe that I’m not to blame for the Biden disaster. But I’m hesitant to put it on my car for obvious reasons.

Now, an anti Trump sticker? That would be just fine.

Stay tuned for more Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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