Random Samplings 43: The CNNsurrection, the Breachers, & the Investigations We Ought to Do

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind — I’m Lynn Woolley

If the freaking Democrats want investigations- let’s have investigations!

ISSUE ONE: The CNNsurrection.

Why not name the so-called “Capitol Insurrection” after CNN – the network that seems to delight in keeping it front and center?

On any given day, CNN is likely to spend hours on “reporting” on the breach – which is what it really was.

There are two apparent reasons for this.

First there have been published reports that CNN’s ratings have nosedived to the tune of 70 percent since the departure from the White House of Donald Trump. Just as Sherlock Holmes needs Moriarty and Batman needs the Joker, so does CNN need Trump.

Without Trump, CNN appears to be about as interesting as watching a test pattern.

Video:  There’s NEVER a shortage of CNNsurrection stories on CNN.  Here’s Don Lemon with a Capitol Policeman.  It was a Capitol Policeman who shot and killed an unarmed female protester (Ashli Babbitt) and CNN’s lauded investigative reporters have not yet told us the name of that officer, or why he/she felt the need to pull a gun and kill someone.

Ashli Babbitt (Photo: Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration)

But as a full-fledged propaganda network, CNN must fulfill its reason to exist –and that is to support liberal causes, prop up Joe Biden, and tear down the Republican Party.

The CNNsurrection is a tool to get that done.

ISSUE TWO: The insurrectionists.

Or maybe we should call them the “Breachers.”

That would go nice with other left-wing terms for people who love their country – such as “Bitter Clingers,” “Deplorables,” and “Neanderthals.”

Video:  Rep. Liz Cheney became CNN’s useful idiot in using the CNNsurrection to attack Trump and his supporters.  Reports like this one were almost a daily feature for weeks on CNN.

Oh yes, we Americans do love our guns, God, our Constitution, and freedom! So of those things – we’re guilty. But what of the Breachers? They are always characterized in the media as “Donald Trump Supporters.” Then why would they want to overthrow the government?

Think about it.

Trump supporters favor law and order. They want border security. They want fair and honest elections. They also happened to notice that Democrats illegally changed the rules in 2020 using the pandemic as an excuse. I don’t think they were trying to overthrow the government. I think they were protesting a corrupted election.

ISSUE THREE: Let’s make a deal.

Democrats know that a so-called bipartisan commission to investigate the origins of the Breach would fall in their favor. Republicans know that and don’t want any part if it.

But as a conservative, I’ll negotiate.

The Democrats can knock themselves out on investigating January 6th, if the rest of us can get a few answers as well.

First of all, we need to know the origins and the intent of groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. How many arrests and prosecutions are coming out of the summer riots? Why didn’t government step in to quell the riots?

And speaking of anti-American activity, why are members of the Squad like Ilhan Omar allowed to be in this country, much less serve in Congress? Omar and her ilk are enemies of the state.

Video: One the of the stupider stories on CNN:  The U.S. Representative (Swalwell) who had sex with a Chinese spy, thinks Mo Brooks is a security risk.  You cannot make this up.

I’d also like to investigate Eric Swalwell, Hunter Biden and George Soros. Do we have a deal?

Stay tuned for more Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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