Random Samplings 7: Day One in Biden’s America.

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind.
Biden’s on my mind today.  So please excuse me while I vent:

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann).

ISSUE #1: Day One in Biden’s America.

Joe Biden stepped up to the podium, surrounded by fellow progressives, a fawning media, and thousands of troops, and told the world that he was all about unity.

After the speech, he went to the White House and proceeded to sign 17 executive orders that 74-million Trump voters will not find unifying. Some of them will cost a lot of money – such as rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. Some will cost jobs like the cancellation of the XL Pipeline.

Some are downright dangerous. Biden stopped work on the southern border wall – one of Trumps greatest accomplishments. He also reversed a travel ban from terrorist hotspots like Iran, Libya, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela. This move was simply virtue signaling, to tell the world that Biden is more diverse than Trump. But Biden has now made America far less safe.

Video:  Biden’s inauguration speech 1/20/21:  Lots of talk about “unity.”

ISSUE #2: Biden deletes Trump’s 1776 Commission.

Democrats and progressive organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter think that America is a nasty country built on slavery. So does the New York Times, which promotes a false history called the “1619 Project.”

The New York Times photographed n December 21, 2019. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

President Trump countered this fake news with his “1776 Commission” designed to advocate for American exceptionalism and to recognize the greatness of this country in spite of its flaws. Biden views Trump’s obvious love of America as racist and white supremacist. So Biden made sure to cancel the project.

That means America has nothing coming from the White House to support its true history. Meanwhile the odious 1619 Project is now infecting our schools and becoming part of the curriculum. So while foreign migrants rush to come here, we teach our children that America is evil.

ISSUE #3: Will America’s newsrooms provide news again?

 This is a question we never should have to ask.  The purpose of newsgathering organizations is to dig deep, find out things, and truthfully report them to the American people. This hasn’t been happening for years.

Manufactured News. The media was all awash in “White Supremacy” stories on Oct. 1, 2020. CNN screenshot by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily.

The media is supposed to be an “adversary press” speaking truth to power regardless of party affiliation. The New York Times and the Washington Post have abandoned any pretense of actual reporting.

MSNBC is practically an arm of the progressive movement and CNN, under Jeff Zucker, became the leader of the resistance to President Donald Trump. When Trump left office, the media fawned over Joe Biden as if he were the Second Coming.

People who get their news from these sources are ill informed. News is not about politics, but about truth. Will truth make a comeback? We can only hope.

Stay tuned for more Random Samplings. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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