Judge Sullivan Appears to Be Colluding with the Deep State

Judge’s Refusal to Dismiss Flynn Case a Deep State Move

The Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped its case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn on May 7th. Less than one week later, Judge Emmet Sullivan said no. Sullivan then appointed a former colleague of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann, John Gleeson, to argue against the DOJ’s decision to dismiss the case.

That was a Deep State move.

If there are three entities that have demonstrated an allegiance with the Deep State, the DOJ, Mueller’s team, and now Sullivan all have.

Attorney General William Barr is atop the DOJ. This is the same DOJ that birthed Mueller’s Special Counsel.

If you believe – as I do – that the investigation of John Durham is a Deep State ruse to dupe the American people into believing that Barack Obama’s underlings will face justice, this makes perfect sense.

If Durham’s investigation is a smokescreen, Barr needs cover. What better cover could there be than Barr presenting himself as the man who dropped the case against Flynn while Sullivan keeps it alive from the bench?

Barr Needs Cover

By keeping the case against Flynn alive, Sullivan is tipping his hand as a Deep State apparatchik. Meanwhile, Barr is able to sit back and receive deference from patriots who are demanding justice.

Instead of taking flak for letting Flynn twist in the wind, Barr is now taking credit for dropping the case.

However, Sullivan and Mueller’s cronies are now playing bad cop to Barr’s good cop.

Why does Barr need this cover?

The answer is simple. Both he and Durham are about to exonerate the Deep State and it is critical for Barr to be able to hang his hat on exonerating Flynn.

If Sullivan were really independent, he wouldn’t dare throw the gauntlet down in front of the DOJ. The DOJ’s silence in response to Sullivan’s tactics speak volumes.

What Is Durham Doing?

The investigation into Crossfire Hurricane and what the Obama administration did relative to spying on the Trump administration appears to be going nowhere.

Durham’s investigation began a year ago and former CIA Director John Brennan has yet to be interviewed? Why?

Just yesterday, Brennan said he would welcome such an interview. Shouldn’t this have happened months ago?

Since Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal broke in early 2015, there have been no fewer than five investigations into Deep State crimes. Not one of those investigations have led to indictments.

Meanwhile, Barr is seen as a hero to those demanding justice. Why hasn’t Barr come out publicly and derided Sullivan’s actions?

Could it be that Barr’s DOJ is colluding with Sullivan? Could it be that Barr and Durham are seeking political cover when they announce – for the sixth time – that there will be no accountability for Deep State criminals?

It sure looks that way.

Emmet Sullivan

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