Woolley vs. Unsigned in Waco on Flynn and Unmasking

Unsigned in Waco is a local businessman who has a special interest in the Russia investigation. He is no fan of Donald Trump’s and certainly does not care for Michael Flynn. He prefers to remain anonymous for personal reasons – and we respect that wish.

He reacted to my recent column about Obama’s involvement in government corruption. You can read that column HERE. The exchanges that followed were interesting to say the least:

Official DIA portrait of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn


I bet Russian propaganda sites like RT or Sputnik would gladly print your upside down world article. Misha Flynn happens to be an alum of RT [Russian Television]. Remember Misha sitting with Putin and Jill Stein at RT’s gala in Moscow?

According to [Acting DNI Chief Richard] Grenell’s great unmasking list, Flynn was doing a lot more secret calling than just the late December sanctions calls to the Russian ambassador. He and his pathetic son appeared to be operating as unregistered foreign agents for one of your favorite ME [Middle East] authoritarians, [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan, according to court documents and the Mueller Report.

Why don’t you dig into “Flynn & Associates” [ actually Flynn Intel Group] – LOL. Probably one of the primary reasons he copped a “lying to the FBI” plea. Sounds like the judge ain’t buying Buffet Bill’s hokey, “immaterial” legal logic; yeah, Flynn lied but it didn’t matter. What? And why did the star of “The Apprentice” tell Flynn, “you’re fired?”

It’s astonishing that you still prefer to drive the Kremlin friendly narrative rather than follow the facts regarding Russia’s unprecedented attack on our 2016 election. Russian military intelligence operatives were caught red handed hacking the DNC server and Podesta emails and are indicted by U.S. grand juries. As I’ve said before, it’s extremely short sighted to side with, or even minimize the threat from, a totally corrupt Russia and its creepy allies like [WikiLeaks’ Julian] Assange just to protect your unreliable Trump flank in The Culture War.

Sad times for conservatism.


I never said Flynn was an angel. I’d like to have a strong laws against foreign lobbying in Washington, but Congress doesn’t want one. Lobbyists do all their work for them. Two things:

(1) Why do I think Biden is in the tank for China? Because of what he says on TV.

(2) Regarding Russia’s “unprecedented attack” — not according to [cybersecurity technology company] CloudStrike. They said they couldn’t say with assurance that it was Russia. Lots of people think the DNC hack was an inside job. I don’t necessarily think that, but neither do I dismiss it.

If you’ve listened to Biden when he tries to speak, if you’ve seen Pelosi’s new stimulus bill (a left-winger’s wet dream with all kinds of open-borders and diversity sh*t it in), you have to know that Biden would be a disaster. And he loves the ChiComs.

On another note, it’s maddening to watch CNN and see how they totally ignore any story that doesn’t look good for their favorite party. AT&T has a CNN problem they need to fix. The three impeachable crimes I mentioned in my column that Obama committed are now coming back to haunt him. He may not go to jail, but his “legacy” is tarnished. CNN will never report on that, and you will never admit it. Meanwhile, Biden runs as the second coming of Obama, while at the same time apologizing for Obama’s deportations.

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world except for Lola.


It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up except for Vova [Vladimir].

I don’t care for profanity but the whole “Obamagate” fabrication is utter b*llsh*t, especially when looked at through the lens of the Flynn unmasking. There is zero evidence that NSA picked up Flynn’s conversations for any reason other than he was talking to foreigners who had been previously deemed valid foreign intelligence targets for surveillance. Misha [Flynn] got intercepted because of who he was secretly talking to.

So at the end of 2016 U.S. intelligence had the weird situation where the incoming National Security Advisor, already under suspicion because of his Russian contacts, was having all kinds of disturbing, shady and possibly illegal phone conversations with foreigners, some in or from hostile countries. Unmasking was to be expected then.

To say Flynn isn’t an angel is a huge understatement.

Part of his plea bargain was admitting he secretly took money from Turkey and negotiated for he and his son to collect millions from Erdogan for kidnapping a lawful U.S. resident and exfiltrating him back to Turkey. That’s way beyond lobbying. Of course he was pressured; he stupidly put his stupid son in serious legal jeopardy. Somehow, these facts have never made their way into any of yours or [Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel] Henninger’s narratives.

The U.S. intelligence community, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Department of Justice and a federal judge and jury all said Russia hacked the DNC. And you only cite what CrowdStrike may or may not have determined. And then to argue that “Lots of people think the DNC hack was an inside job” — seriously? By “lots of people” do you mean Putin, Assange, Snowden, Greenwald and Trump? That’s a lame, weak argument.

Biden “loves the Chicoms”? How so? He hasn’t been anywhere as close to Trump when it comes to saying nice, suck up things about [Chinese Dictator] Xi. Or written self-described “love letters” to the most murderous dictator on the planet. LOL.


Most of the stuff you listed about Flynn is related to lobbying. I’m sure that foreign governments including Russia and Turkey felt that he would be a tremendous asset because of his history and experience. I think he loves his country. But so do Jack Abramoff, Trent Lott, and others who have sold their souls for money.

The huge sums that come into play blind ex-government-officials to the fact that what they are doing is wrong. Bill Clinton falls 100 percent into that camp — to include the entire Clinton Foundation (influence selling) and his $500,000 Russian speech and other ties. Hillary went soft on Putin with the ridiculous reset button. Putin must have loved that.

Flynn should have paid a price for his lobbying crimes.

But the type of lobbying he was doing should be banned. Trump should never have hired him, and thankfully, he fired him pretty quickly. I am opposed to bringing him back into any government position. I was also opposed to Hillary Clinton for the same reasons plus that she was corrupt in so many other ways.

I do not know whether Flynn was legally unmasked — just that Biden and [former UN Ambassador Samantha] Power have both lied about it. The early suspicions that Flynn was tight with a Russian woman may pass the smell test, but since they went after Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, who knows? I’m not a fan of Flynn’s but why should he, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have the book thrown at them and left-wingers never do?

I am no fan of Alex Jones, as you know, and therefore I have no use for RT. Al Jazeera has cleaned up a lot of its act, but I still don’t trust it. Neither do I trust CNN. The spying on Trump seems to me to be real. Obama spied on news reporters and that is a fact. He used the IRS and IC for political purposes. Biden is running as his logical successor. Biden seems to me to be in China’s pocket. You could look it up.

Why did they charge Flynn with lying to the FBI, which, according to Bill Priestap’s [Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division from 2015 to 2018]   notes was a set-up? He had failed to register as a foreign agent (as MANY of these jerkoffs do) and was involved in the questionable kidnapping deal that you mentioned.

If they were charging Flynn with that, I would have no problem. Other than that, CloudStrike is quoted by the left when it suits them, so I quoted them when it suited me (they could not be certain that it was the Russians). I don’t think we know who hacked the DNC. Maybe it was China that figured out that [Democratic operative John] Podesta’s password was “password”— and then left signs pointing to Russia. Or maybe everybody’s lying.

The DNC and the Hillary campaign are up to their noses in the Steele Dossier, which Steele says was never corroborated. It’s all bunk. So the FISA Courts risk being unconstitutional. We need an FBI that is (a) trustworthy, and (b) non-political.

Until we clean up the Intelligence Community, I for one, have no idea whom to believe. We could also use some better reporting. I trust Fox News most of the time, CNN none of the time, and MSNBC is a joke. (Note Chuck Todd, esteemed host of NBC’s Meet the Press, who unethically edited a video of William Barr.

The jury is out on Barr, too, so we’ll see who pays a price and who doesn’t.

If Barr/Durham decide NOT to prosecute as [former FBI Director James] Comey did, then he’s just another Deep State hack. I don’t expect Obama to go to jail, but it remains a travesty of justice that Hillary Clinton has paid no price. Trump’s “lock her up” chant was a symbol of the frustration of the American people that justice is so rare in cases involving the political elite.

So go after Flynn for the lobbying — and then let’s ban all lobbying from/for foreign countries and let’s put an end to at least two things that lobbyists do: (1) Stop allowing them to write all the bills that congressmen introduce, and (2) Make it illegal for any member of Congress to ever take a cent in any form from any lobbyist. Hillary Clinton isn’t the only person who ought to be locked up.


You’re still implying that Flynn was targeted. He was not. It was the foreigners including the Russian ambassador he was reaching out to who were targeted. That is a huge misconception and a dishonest one on the part of many including all of Trumpist media and first and foremost Trump himself.

Another part of the upside down narrative you embrace is that Brick Page was targeted for FISA for no reason other than being a Trump aide or advisor. That is also a false absurdity given Brick’s history. Carter Page sought to become an agent for Russian spies in NYC in 2013 according to court documents in their trial and conviction: In other words, a traitor.

Luckily for Brick, the Russians accurately assessed him to be too stupid to do them any good according to federal wiretaps on the Russian spies. Also, Page got a break because the Feds just gave him a warning him about trying to be a James Bond for the Russians. The fact that the CIA apparently took information from him about his shenanigans in no way absolves his aspirations to help the Russians.

When Page showed up again as an advisor to the Trump campaign the alarm bells went off. And when he took a trip, ok’d by the campaign, to Russia for meetings with government and “business” leaders while evidence surfaced that Russia had hacked the DNC then Page became a legitimate surveillance target again. To top it off, Page gave Putin effusive praise while sharply criticizing the United States over its support of Ukraine in its war against Russia’s invasion in speeches he gave in Moscow.

There is a serious national security threat and problem with many of the people Trump surrounds himself with.

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