MSNBC Anchor Joy Reid Becomes the Face of Racism on Cable TV

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I try NOT to watch MSNBC.  But the network sometimes produces moments that are so outrageous they ought to be seen.  A case in point.  After the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, Reid brought on Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott to discuss some internet trolls who had called him a DEI mayor.

Consider the source and ignore them. Right?  Not Reid. 

She went after ALL white males, and then let Mayor Scott go off on “straight, white, wealthy men.”  According to the Mayor, DEI is the new N-word, which they don’t have the courage to say, and claimed that his being mayor threatens their way of life.

This interview made me wish for a day when race doesn’t matter.  Joy Reid makes it apparent; we are nowhere close to that day.

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Video:  MSNBC’s Joy Reid rips “white Christian men,” and Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott appears to issue a veiled threat to “straight, white, wealthy men.”

Who knew that a bridge collapse could become so divisive?

I thought my earliest impression of what happened at the Francis Scott Key Bridge would be shared by virtually all Americans.  I thought it was a great tragedy, and the loss of life would be far greater than it actually turned out to be.  Of course, I wondered if it might have been terrorism, and I considered the likelihood that the bridge workers were foreign nationals.  Those are normal things to consider given the state of the country.

Mostly, I considered the toll in human terms, as all Americans should have done.  People dying, and trying to save them are bigger considerations than what the effect on commerce will be.  First, get people out of the water if possible.  Save lives.  If it’s sabotage, you assume the appropriate agencies will be on it.


When I saw a news interview with the mayor, what struck me about him was how young he appeared.  The fact that he was black barely crossed mind.  Why would it?  Baltimore is 62 percent black and the odds are that the people running for mayor are largely black – as are the voters.

Besides, many of America’s big cities have black mayors.  So, I thought nothing of it.  I assumed (and I was correct) that Mayor Scott would be a liberal because that’s how it usually is, with the black mayor of Dallas being a notable exception.

Video:  Reid on her favorite subject: race.

Then, scouring the internet for news clips, I ran across the Joy Reid interview at Real Clear politics. 

Please excuse my naivete.  I assumed, as we did briefly on 9/11, that a tragedy such as this would unite America.  I thought we’d all – every one of us – pull together for the people of Baltimore and mourn the loss of life whether the workers were illegally in the country or not.  I was wrong.

Reid, whose race-based MSNBC show stands in sharp contrast to any actual logic that the now-dismissed Ronna McDaniel might have brought to the table, went full-bore race-baiter as soon as she had the chance.  And posts on social media gave her the perfect excuse.  One of them called Scott “a DEI mayor,” which, of course, is ridiculous to say about a mayor in a predominately black city.

And as much as I agree with a lot of what Marjorie Taylor Greene says, I don’t agree with all of it, and I don’t smear every white, wealthy, female because of what one person says.

Video:  Kristen Welker’s “Meet the Press” interview with Ronna McDaniel.

First of all, social media (especially X) is largely a bunch of trolls. 

From the Left, some of them are Chuck Schumer, Dan Rather, George Takei, Stephen King, Rob Reiner, and whoever posts for Joe Biden.  These people post outrageous comments constantly.  They are best ignored, and in all probability, no one takes their posts seriously except for the far left.

Video:  Sean Hannity with some choice Reid clips on race.

And second, it is not logical to take racist posts and use them for an excuse to be racist as Joy Reid does. 

It’s her thing, though, and she makes a living doing it.  Meanwhile, MSNBC has become toxic.  Joe Scarborough, who used to do a right-wing show on MNBC called “Scarborough Country,” has over the years transmogrified into a full-blown nutcase leftist.  The same thing happened with former Republican Chairman Michael Steele.  And over on CNN, a former FOX News contributor, S.E. Cupp, has fallen in line with her network’s “house” opinions.

Most of the big networks on broadcast and cable are left-wing – check out “The View” on ABC – but MSNBC takes it to a new level.  Joy Reid has become the face of television racism with screed after screed, night after night.  Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, had she not been fired after one single interview on “Meet the Press,” likely would have morphed into another “Morning Joe.”

Video:  Author Coleman Hughes talks sense to “The View.”

FOX News may be right-leaning, but it’s not racist.  News Nation is an up-and-coming network that promotes journalistic standards.

Yes, FOX dropped its “Fair and Balanced” slogan, and that has hurt them in my opinion.  “America Is Watching” says nothing at all.  Meanwhile Leland Vittert on News Nation promotes his show as the “fairest show on television.”  It may be.  Vittert seems to come from the Right, but he is equally tough on his guests regardless of their political affiliations.  That is as it should be.  It is why I do not have any close friends in elected office and why I will not allow an elected official to buy my lunch.

MSNBC and the Joy Reids of the world take delight in blowing up any story that can be attached to a racial hook.  That’s her thing, and I wonder if, without racial unrest in America, she would have anything to say.  Day after day, she damages the NBC brand that “Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt ought to be trying to protect.  Meanwhile it’s quite telling that Ronna McDaniel lasted through just one interview at NBC, and Joy Reid is still there.

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