As Goes Texas so Goes the Nation (And the World)

It has come down to this: if Democrats succeed in turning Texas blue, every single person on the globe will pay a heavy price.

Here are the facts. 

Texas has 40 electoral votes, second only to California with 54.  It takes 270 votes to win the presidency.  Texas is solid Republican, but many large states are solid Democrat.  If you add up the electoral votes of liberal states California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington, you’re at 135.  If the Democrats could pick up Texas, that’s 175 electoral votes – 5 more than they need to establish one-party control.

Without Texas, conservative ideas like smaller government, balanced budgets and protecting our borders, will be abandoned.

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As goes the nation, so goes the world.

Electoral votes are about winning the presidency, but the aforementioned states are all solidly blue, with no indication they’ll ever change.  Texas is solidly Republican red, as is Florida at least for the time being.  That leaves presidential elections up to so-called swing states, which are increasingly blue.  Colorado is a good example of a state that’s not much in play for conservatives.

The Texas State Capitol on June 21, 2023 (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

Texas is the bulwark – the state that keeps the Democrats from electing a left-wing president in perpetuity. 

Florida, Ohio, and a few others can go back and forth and the Republicans still maintain a fighting chance.  But without Texas, that’s over.  I think that partly explains what Joe Biden (whom we shall never refer to as “President”) is trying to accomplish with his open border policy.

Step one, which Biden has done, is to open the border.  Step two is to disseminate illegal aliens across the United States and use their numbers to gain more congressional seats for states like California that are losing some of their seats.  Step three is to legalize the illegals and give them the power to vote.

Texas is at the forefront of the border crisis, and if the influx of illegals that remain here become voters, Biden and his puppet masters envision a time when a Beto O’Rourke or a Colin Allred can beat Sen. Ted Cruz.  If they take Cruz’s seat, they’ll go after Sen. John Cornyn too.  A bluer Texas means they’ll be more likely to take the governor’s mansion and other down-ballot positions in Texas.

Texas will be screwed.  So will the United States of America.  So will the world. 

If Texas is what’s keeping America on a somewhat conservative (logical) track, and Texas is lost, then imagine what will happen to our influence in the world.  Running the country on a permanent basis, Democrats will tax and spend us into insolvency, they’ll keep the borders open and the welfare state humming, inflation and cost-of-goods will continue to skyrocket along with the national debt.

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Little boys and girls will be encouraged to undergo surgical mutilations to supposedly change their sex.  You could go to jail for using the wrong pronouns.  History will be rewritten to politically correct standards, and the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution might be cancelled – written out of history altogether.  Skin color will be the most important attribute for moving up in society, as merit will be dead.  We will spend trillions on climate change so that we can live without internal combustion engines and air conditioning.  We will return to the Stone Age.  Bullets will be worth more than gold or silver, and paper money will be abolished.

Worst of all, our one-party Democrat government will grow far more bloated than today’s government where there are at least a few fiscal conservatives still around.

If Texas turns blue, what starts here changes the world.

Video:  Joe Biden turned the State of the Union into a left-wing campaign speech.  Here’s another viewpoint from Douglas Macgregor.

We will have wars and rumors of wars.

In just three years of Joe Biden, we’ve seen the disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal (perhaps the worst military blunder in American history), and new wars in Ukraine and Israel.  Democrats believe in a woke military – not one trained to kill people and break things when it has to.

With no solid red Texas to stop them, Democrats will be free to hug trees and send billions of dollars to our sworn enemies like Iran.  This is what they’ve done with shared power.  We can only speculate what they would do with a permanent majority in both houses and a permanent hold on the White House.

Video:  President Reagan was clear, concise and confident. 

Video:  This is how Ronald Reagan as governor of California, handled the Berkeley riots. 

Where have you gone, Ronaldus Maximus?  Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you!

President Ronald Reagan believed in a small federal government, peace through strength, and making America respected on the world stage.  Now we have Joe Biden who projects weakness to the point that the world’s dictators are in expansionist mode.  Vladimir Putin is close to taking Ukraine.  Xi Jinping is salivating over Taiwan.

Iran and North Korea do not fear Biden, nor do they have any reason to. Biden’s policies are all about changing the demographics of America, spending trillions on climate change, aborting as many babies as possible, and engorging the federal government.

Europe is no better, which is why Great Britain got out of the European Union. 

As Brexit caught on there, Make America Great Again (MAGA) caught on here.  And well it should.  There is no great country in history that has fought so hard to bring its country down to a lower standard of living than us.

Members of the Democratic Party believe in shared misery where our national wealth is pumped into the silly notion of changing average global temperature by a fraction of a degree.  Note that elites like Al Gore get wealthy over this climate change hoax, while the rest of us are told what we can drive and how we can cook our food.

If Democrats get total power, this is how it likely will be.  And only Texas stands in the way.

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If Texas goes blue, this book may be banned. So order it now!


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