Ramaswamy and Sanders get Unequal Treatment on CNN

I happened to be watching CNN’s “State of the Union” when Dana Bash mercilessly attacked Vivek Ramaswamy.

The Republican candidate was on the hotseat for accusing Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley and famed “anti-racist” Ibram X. Kendi of being modern grand wizards of the KKK.  Ramaswamy made his case, but Bash was not satisfied and the attacks kept coming.

Next up was Senator Bernie Sanders who had also made some outlandish comments.

Asked to explain, Sanders lashed into corporations for being greedy while the people suffer.  The obvious comeback ought to have been…but when you tax corporations, they pass it on to consumers and inflation rises.

But no.  Sanders was able to spout Marxism without the slightest challenge.

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But the Sunday shows are supposed to transcend the daily left-wing ranting on Cable TV.

CNN uses the Sunday show “State of the Union” as its answer to “Face the Nation, “Meet the Press,” “This Week,” and “FOX News Sunday” that air as public affairs broadcasts on the four TV networks.

All five of these shows are supposed to be a cut above the day-to-day political advocacy that we get on regular newscast and shows.  CNN is reliably left-wing; MSNBC is off the charts.  FOX is conservative, but still manages to be establishment.


Video: Bash’s confrontational interview with Ramaswamy on “State of the Union,” August 27, 2023.

Bash, though, was eager to show her Democratic Party bona fides by taking Ramaswamy to the woodshed.  Okay, when you use language that you know will make heads explode on the Left, you’d better be ready.

If I were going to attempt to provide cover for Vivek, I could say that the Ku Klux Klan was race-based and so are today’s Democrats.  That’s beyond argument.  I could also say that the KKK killed people they didn’t like, namely blacks.  But today’s Democrats also kill human beings they don’t like, namely children still in the womb.

Vivek can take care of cleaning up his own messes.  My argument is not with him, or with Bash’s aggressiveness in that interview.

My argument is the old soft shoe treatment that Bash gave to her next guest. 

Bernie Sanders (center) and Lynn Woolley (right) holding cellphone and about to ask the question. September 29, 2021. (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

After the spot break, she brought on Sanders, who doesn’t think Joe Biden is left-wing enough.  Sanders carped about universal healthcare, while also bragging that Democrats have brought down inflation.

Government healthcare would provide a lower standard for all but elites, and it would explode the deficit and cause inflation to rise again.  Bash didn’t care.  She let him get away it, without a single challenge.  She also let him get away with his inflation lie.

And when he began attacking corporations, Bash neglected to mention that she works for one (and it pays her a hefty salary) while Sanders has never had a real job.

I asked Sanders the question one time in front of the U.S. Capitol that Bash ought to have asked.

“What if the government levies heavy taxes on corporations and they stop hiring?”

I’ve never heard a left-wing media anchor such as Dana Bash ask this most obvious of questions.  If you’re wondering, Sanders did not answer my question, but responded by asking who invited me to the impromptu interview.  Marxists don’t like to be challenged.

Audio of Bernie Sanders on the Capitol grounds 9/29/21 with Lynn Woolley’s question toward the end.

This is my beef with Texas media as well.

Both the Austin American-Statesman and the Texas Tribune are in the midst of cutbacks.  Part of that is the current era in which we live.  The digital age has not been kind to print media, and the proliferation of news sources (most of which are either right or left of center) has made it hard to maintain the large news staffs of prior days.

But still, the leftist slant of so many of the shrinking newspapers is a contributing factor.  I wrote a column entitled:

 “Disappearing newspapers might try fair and balanced approach.”

So far, I haven’t come across one that has taken that advice.

Both the Statesman and the Texas Tribune are capable of journalism at its highest level, and sometimes, they do excellent work.  In the case of the Tribune, a free online newspaper that claims the mantle of actual journalism, it seems that every story is written with a strong and obvious left-wing bias.

I think all the left-wing Texas dailies in our big cities need to rethink that liberal point-of-view, along with the Tribune. They all have op-ed pages where opinion is welcomed.  I think their circulations would increase if they practiced traditional journalism in their front news section.

CNN might give it a try as well.  Lord knows, CNN could sure use some better ratings.

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