81 Million Votes My Ass (Audio)

How did Joe Biden get 81,000,000 votes?  Isn’t that the question we all want to ask?

Lynn is joined by Lou Ann Anderson of Political Pursuits the Podcast to discuss all things Biden.  That means, of course:

Joe’s mental state!

Joe’s felonious son Hunter!

Who’s pulling Biden’s strings?

What’s the deal with Ukraine?

When will Joe resign from the presidency?

What will the Republican ticket look like?  Trump and…?

Will Trump take on Kamala or Gavin Newsom, and what about RFKjr?  Lynn and Lou Ann provide the best analysis of where both parties stand as Joe faces impeachment, and the 2024 campaign heats up.



Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based author, broadcaster, and songwriter.  Follow his podcast at https://www.PlanetLogic.us.  Check out his author’s page at https://www.Amazon.com/author/lynnwoolley.  Order books direct from Lynn at https://PlanetLogicPress.Square.Site.  Email Lynn at lwoolley9189@gmail.com.

This book is about “time,” something Joe and Hunter ought to be serving. 

Watch this space for details on when you can order.  And be sure to grab your copies of “The Clock Tower and Other Stories,” and “Darker Secrets.”

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