Nicolle Wallace Commits Journalistic Malpractice on MSNBC

President Joe Biden poses for his official portrait Wednesday, March 3, 2021, in the Library of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

My already low opinion of MSNBC took a severe hit when the person occupying the Oval Office dropped by for a twenty-minute interview.

Joe Biden, who somehow found his way to the set, enjoyed a casual back-and-forth that might have been scripted by the Democrat National Committee.

Wallace gushed over Biden and asked him about Trump and the “Insurrection.”

As for questions about Hunter Biden, the selling of influence, income-tax evasion – you know, the Biden Crime Family Treasure – nothing.

This woman had Uncle Joe exclusively for twenty minutes and the scandal of the century never came up.

Nicolle Wallace was giddy as a schoolgirl, and cackled like Hillary Clinton.

This is worse than CNN.

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Is this the best MSNBC can do?

So it would seem, and yet, this network has never claimed to be anything other than left-wing propaganda.

Video posted June 29, 2023 by MSNBC.  Embarrassing journalistic malpractice.

The “Morning Joe,” for example is Joe Scarborough, a former Republican who, in my opinion, sold his soul to the devil for a morning TV show.

If you will do a total 180, and say things you wouldn’t have dreamed of in your former life, then which life is the fraud?

Joe is either the world’s biggest hypocrite or he had some type of left-wing conversion, perhaps brought on by his romance with Mika Brzezinski.  Either way, he’s useless as a journalist.

Then, there’s CNN. 

This network claims the mantle of the “most trusted name in news.”  CNN has bigger names that MSNBC, but lower ratings.  Why is that?  Here’s what I think:

Under Jeffrey Zucker’s leadership, CNN yearned to be MSNBC.  But they also wanted to be FOX News.  The jealousy CNN has for FOX exploded when the network paid big bucks in the Dominion Voting Systems case.

CNN’s Jake Tapper in one of his frequent embarrassing moments.

Jake Tapper burst into laughter when reading a release from FOX about its journalistic standards.  FOX though, has a cadre of fine reporters.  CNN’s, for the most part, are all openly leftists.  Tapper ought to look in a mirror.

Here’s my question:

If CNN’s Tapper got Biden on set for twenty minutes, would it be all about the MAGA Supreme Court and the “Insurrection?”  Would Tapper be any better than Nicolle Wallace?  Maybe some, but not much.

I suspect Tapper would ask the questions to avoid self-embarrassment, but he would couch them in way to benefit Biden.  There would be no hard follow-ups.  Kaitlan Collins would not pop in to fact-check Biden in real time.

We are left to wonder, following Wallace’s textbook example of how not to conduct an interview, which is worse:  A cable “news” network that openly fawns over a corrupt president?  Or one that claims to be trusted, but ignores what may turn out to be the biggest political scandal in American history?

The word for MSNBC is “embarrassing,” and for CNN, I can think of no better adjective than “insufferable.”  To a lay person who’s actually interested in knowing the news, neither network is worth watching.

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Here’s the cover of my third and final fiction collection.  It contains no journalistic malpractice.  But there is some parody of the news networks.


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