Thanks to the LGBT movement I’m running Out of Places to Shop

Congress Avenue window poster in Austin on 7/3/21. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Maybe that’s the idea.

If ALL the major retail chains celebrate “pride” to the point of pushing a line of clothing for babies and children, it’s hard to avoid them all.  Why avoid them?

I believe that men and women were created by God for each other and to perpetuate the species.  If you don’t believe in God, then nature made it that way.

Now that we’ve moved past the L, G, and B, and into the T era, my former live-and-let-live attitude has dissipated.

You cannot change anyone’s sex. 

Not scientifically possible, so why would our big retail chains promote this?  Why would schools push it to the point of grooming our children?

It follows, then, that logically I cannot support left-wing public schools, and have to be very careful where I shop.

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So, here’s an idea for women and men who are attracted to the opposite sex.

Let’s establish our own month – June is fine with me – to celebrate natural, normal sexuality.

I’m going to celebrate “Honor Month” – a time to praise God for giving the sexes one to the other and for providing us a most pleasurable way to keep humanity alive through the centuries.

Sign at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Austin on 8/10/22 (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Homosexuality provides no natural way to procreate, while heterosexuality is the perfect way to do it – so perfect that only God (or nature, if you prefer) could have arranged it.

Now we need to write books, make lesson plans for public schools, and strongly urge churches (or what remains of the churches) to promote boy-girl, man-woman relationships.  Let’s groom our children to be normal.

In our crazy, turned inside-out world, “normal” has given way to “crazy.”  Normal is far better.  Perhaps with Honor Month, retail stores will promote straight people who work to keep those babies coming so we actually have a future.

Perhaps our schools and our big retail chains would notice.

I’m not counting on it, because our schools, churches, and retail chains are not the God-fearing, flag-waving, values-oriented places they used to be.  But we ought to make them sweat.  Schools are propped up by taxes, so they ought to represent normal as well as crazy.  Churches – bless their hearts – are often just social justice centers that ought to be shunned by normals.

University Methodist Church at UT/Austin on 2/4/17. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Retail chains seem to be run by the crazies.  Perhaps Honor Month will get their attention.  If not, it’s time for local stores to come back in vogue and take up the slack.

Disney, DC Comics, Marvel, Target, Bud Light, Kohl’s, and Walmart are places or products I used to enjoy.  Now, I’m finding other ways to spend my money – when I can.

It’s past time for Honor Month. 

So that’s what I will celebrate each year.  Maybe even all year long.

The crazies have had their fun screwing up America.

I’m normal, and I want normal America to come back, and to do it by honoring men and women as separate, distinct, and wonderfully made for each other.

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Stitches In Time is the 3rd and final book in my series of short story and novel collections.  I doubt if you’ll find it at Target or Walmart.  Too much honor and not enough pride.




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