Random Samplings: Precious Metals, Dangerous Disagreements, Soros versus DeSantis, and Normal versus Crazy

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Yes, I like Precious Metals and I’ll tell you why.

Benjamin Franklin half-dollars are now worth twenty times what they were when struck. (Scan by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Today’s money is backed by the full faith and credit of the Unites States government – and not much else.  It’s called “fiat money,” and it’s been that way since 1971 when the dollar was taken off the gold standard.

Dollar bills used to say “Silver Certificate,” meaning you could exchange them for silver or gold.  Now they say “Federal Reserve Note.” 

A modern dollar coin is worth whatever a dollar is worth at the time you use it.  But if you have coins struck in or prior to 1964, they’re 90 percent silver.

You can buy a Ben Franklin half-dollar dated 1955, and you’ll pay about ten dollars – twenty times what it was worth in 1955.  And if you sell it a decade from now, you’ll make a profit.

Audio:  Precious Metals

Liberals have Made it Dangerous to Disagree with Liberals.

You gotta give them credit.  The political Left has worked hard to made their own views indisputable.

Kamala Harris official portrait 2017. Public Domain.

Consider.  The Left tells us that Climate Change is responsible for all weather events and that we must spend trillions to fix it.  If you’re a scientist with an opposing viewpoint – good luck getting a job.

Comedians have it even worse.  They can make jokes about Donald Trump, but if they go after Kamala Harris – a so-called “woman of color” they could be cancelled.

If a man tells you his pronouns are “she and her,” you’d better comply, or else.  And if you dare disagree with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, you’re a racist.

Disagree with the Left, at your own peril.  Because they will come after you.

Audio: Dangerous Disagreements

George Soros is worried about Ron DeSantis.

Soros is the nutcase billionaire who’s also the biggest donor to left-wing causes.  He’s the reason so many cities such as Austin have soft-on-crime District Attorneys.

Ron DeSantis is the ultra-successful governor of Florida – a state where “Woke” goes  to die, according to DeSantis.

Soros appears to be worried that DeSantis might run, get elected, and reform the United States intro a sane, logical nation.  So, he’s hoping for a bruising primary battle between Trump and DeSantis, and if Trump loses, that he will mount a third-party campaign.

Of course, that would almost certainly allow a Democrat victory in 2024.  For sure, Donald Trump is well aware of that fact.

Audio:  Soros versus DeSantis

The United States has become unrecognizable.  But why?

I remember the good old days when people talked about the weather, but no one tried to control it.

I remember when Sandy Posey admitted that “she was born a woman and didn’t have no say.”  I remember when a school librarian would have had a cat-fit if she had found pornography or gay sex manuals on her shelves.

I remember when men couldn’t use the ladies’ room and boys couldn’t compete with girls in sports.  I remember when male members of an administration didn’t play dress-up and wear high heels.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that America is now divided between “normal,” and “crazy.”  Statistics tell us that far more of us are normal in this country.  So, why is “crazy” winning?

Audio:  Normal versus Crazy

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