Ukraine: A Sad, Dangerous Mess Americans Can’t Afford to Ignore

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” This eerily describes our geopolitical landscape as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine moves toward a version of unrestricted warfare that just might change life as we know it.

Photo by Lou Ann Anderson for WBDaily.

Suggesting an endangered status for our current life may sound like hyperbole, but this war is moving in directions described by two Chinese generals in Unrestricted Warfare, the 1999 book which proposed tactics that would compensate for military inferiority in a high-tech war.

A measured look at our disturbing current event arcs has patriots rightfully concerned and should suggest serious warnings to even America’s most “silly” people as well as our resident mental zombies and “can’t be bothered” narcissists.

Let’s not bury the lede

On Monday, Reuters reported that “Russia has told Ukraine it is ready to halt military operations ‘in a moment’ if Kyiv meets a list of conditions.” Two days later, there’s almost nothing about this in the media  – certainly not in the corporate-controlled media that many people watch.  Why not? Does the prospect of peace not sell as well as the horrors of war?

As with anything Russian, a deal must be approached with caution. That said, the conditions aren’t off base from steps that have been previously discussed within western circles. Namely, they call for Ukraine to 1) cease military action; 2) change its constitution to enshrine neutrality; 3) acknowledge Crimea as Russian territory; and 4) recognize the separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states.

Could this be an “off ramp” to end this horrific situation? Time will tell, but one also should wonder what the controlled media’s lack of interest in this potential deal signals. Is there an agenda whereby western governments in partnership with the global elites find war a more desirable path despite its infliction of misery first and foremost on the Ukrainians, but also on populations of all other involved countries? Events of the last years make this more believable than it once would have been.  

In this episode of War Room: Pandemic, Steve Bannon has a fascinating, non-controlled media discussion on Ukraine with international correspondent Ben Harnwell, former U.S. Congressman Dave Bratt and Steve Cortes. The discussion starts 8:05 and continues through 23:45.

Unrestricted warfare includes kinetic (active or physical warfare), cyber/informational and economic actions. It can also include tactics such as space, biological, chemical, environmental, trade, cultural and legal warfare – hence, an unrestricted variety of options.

We are a country at war. Besides the kinetic action initiated by Russia, we’ve moved into the unrestricted warfare arena as our oil import ban along with economic sanctions against Russia are economic warfare in nature.

It’s hard to know the goal of our efforts. Without additional cooperation from other western allies, the sanctions will have only limited impact on the President Vladimir Putin government. They are, however, putting major pressure on the Russian people and if regime change is the goal, could push that population to action.

Regardless, it’s important to remember that any further escalation of this conflict could provoke use of any of the previously mentioned warfare tactics.

Gale force winds of war

In mid-February residents of Kiev were going about their normal lives. Russian troops were amassing on Ukraine’s eastern and northern borders, but for a country used to a bullying neighbor, life went on.

It’s now hard to know exactly what’s happening on the ground, but Russia has certainly declared a kinetic war on Ukraine, and it appears the Ukrainian people aren’t going down without a fight.

Russia and Ukraine are both corrupt nations. It’s far more complex, but a simplified description offers Russia as run by Putin, a consummate thug, with the help of a heavy-handed military. It supports an elite class of corrupt oligarchs who control business interests (in and outside the country) and live lavishly at the expense of the Russian people. Putin, a former KGB agent, also seems fixated on a return to the former glory days of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine, sadly, is a lesser version of a similar model. Look at any world corruption index and Ukraine and Russia both rank poorly. The verdict remains out on President Volodymyr Zelensky. The media has catapulted him to global hero status at a time when reliable information seems scarce while unverifiable talking points and images are abundant. Our society latches on to people, bestows them with unvetted credibility and then can later come to regret our rush to reverence. This war has no doubt placed Zelensky on the global stage and will influence his political heft going forward – but to what end? That remains to be seen.

The cast of characters

The U.S. and NATO are starring in this production with the European Union positioned as a strong supporting cast member. Other characters in this tragic act of political theatre are China, specifically the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with its using the opportunity to further strengthen ties with Russia, and seeking to do so at U.S. expense. The controlled media is also part of the theatre with its banging war drums rivaling those of a formerly coked up Tommy Lee. And more covertly, George Soros and Klaus Schwab along with his World Economic Forum are in the mix. Make no mistake, the global elites orchestrating this debacle make no moves without input from their own “Party of Davos” oligarchs.

You do it! No, you!

It stays on again off again with weapons and military assistance, but western nations are allegedly (and no doubt slowly!) coming to Ukraine’s aid. Thankfully, the no-fly zone continues to be rejected, but we move toward what the Russians may perceive as additional provocation as equipment, munitions and other supplies are reportedly going to Ukraine.

A U.S. dodge was rightly called out when officials encouraged Poland to send fighter jets directly to Ukraine. The Poles smartly offered to take the jets to Germany and let the U.S. coordinate the handoff. The U.S. declined. NATO countries are concerned over Russia seeing them specifically as aggressors in this conflict. That said, the U.S. trying to stick Poland with this risk seems just one more example of why these days our allies rightfully mistrust us.     

The economic fallout

At first NATO and the European Union were hiding under their desks – especially Germany with its uber-dependency on Russian oil. Profiles in courage they’re not, but it seems there’s now some movement as things move forward.  

Let’s not forget how 14 months ago the U.S. was not just energy independent, but we were energy dominant in the global market. Besides creating economic security, this status also contributed to our national security. The Biden administration’s destruction of these advantages has placed the U.S. and other countries in new peril – just ask Ukraine!   

Of course, the oil situation is part of the 1-2 punch thrown at the American people upon Joe Biden assuming his presidential role when he first cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and then greenlit construction completion of the Nord Stream 2, a Russian pipeline into Germany. With this, Biden handed energy dominance to Russia – and it would seem with love.

But now Biden is banning Russian oil imports with some western-allied nations reportedly joining the effort to punish Putin by separating Russia from the global economy. The United Kingdom has announced plans to phase out Russian oil imports by the end of the year while the European Union has unveiled a plan to gradually curtail its use of Russian fossil fuels. Many erroneous reports, however, have caused “seeing is believing” to become a good rule of thumb as things move forward.

Of course, the downside is that Russian oil is now likely to be snatched up by China which will only strengthen the two countries’ relations while creating new tensions between the U.S. and both parties. Biden is also now extending U.S. oil shopping to other authoritarian states like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran. What could go wrong there?

The crude oil price per barrel was around $55 when Biden was inaugurated. The price was around $92 when Russia invaded Ukraine. The Biden regime continues blaming skyrocketing oil prices on the Eurasian conflict, but the stats clearly dispute such a claim. The American people are painfully aware that gas prices have been rising for over a year and the increases are now escalating. Goals must again be examined. Might supporters of Green New Deal policies use American “pain at the pump” and other high energy prices to promote – even pass – new radical environmental policies?         

Earlier in the conflict, the Biden administration enacted a series of sanctions against Russia. The first group was designed to “target two Kremlin-backed banks and restrict Russia’s government from trading its debt on Western finance markets.” This too is economic warfare and another consequence the American people are likely to soon feel.

The U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for more than 100 years. This is a good thing for the U.S. and its economy. Global turmoil and the Biden administration’s actions threaten the dollar’s reserve currency status.

In Biden Dethrones King Dollar, Steve Cortes writes:

Biden’s twin geopolitical failures overseas – the botched Afghanistan exit and this new weaponization of money over Ukraine – jeopardize the status of our currency and will soon bring much more untold pain to everyday American citizens, particularly those of modest means.

He further notes:

Americans understandably already feel that the Dollars in their accounts have been devalued. Right now, Real Wages descend in a tailspin in our land, as incomes cannot keep pace with soaring prices due to Biden.

Inflation, by all measures, already surges at a four decade record clip, from Apartment Rents to Gasoline. The hard-earned Dollars of working-class citizens simply buy less. A lot less. Soon, that loss of confidence in America’s Greenback will manifest itself relative to other countries, as well.

Cortes describes how Biden’s “unprecedented move against a major power represents an immediate assault upon the spending power of everyday Russians” and that this “contrived monetary attack” means “regular Russians find themselves stuck with increasingly worthless meager savings.” If this action prompts the dollar being replaced as the world’s reserve currency, Americans may soon share the Russian people’s economic calamity.

Ironies abound

Meanwhile as the Ukrainian debacle ensues, Russia is warning that military intervention in the conflict could prompt a world war that would be “nuclear” and “destructive.”  Note to Germany: it doesn’t appear being a Russian oil customer necessarily generates exemption from this threat.

And as Russian aggression turns Ukraine into a war-torn hellhole, the U.S. and Europe are partnering with Russia in hopes of reviving an Iran nuclear deal. It seems there is no bad foreign policy move that the Biden administration fails to embrace.

Plus, at a Tuesday Senate hearing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL.) questioned Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland regarding potential chemical or biological weapons at Ukrainian biological research facilities. She acknowledged the existence of facilities and unfortunately, Rubio failed to ask exactly what parties have been involved in the funding and operation of such labs. Seems governments operating biolabs in foreign countries is a thing.

This is especially key as a Chinese official has also accused the U.S. of operating biolabs in Ukraine citing that the labs were dangerous and a safety risk. Of course the White House is characterizing this as a “conspiracy theory” and the controlled media is enthusiastically reporting the same without question. This can’t help but sound familiar.     

Pray for peace

Might this flailing administration be using Ukraine (and the Ukrainian people!) as pawns in a wag the dog scenario designed to distract from the endless domestic troubles Americans are experiencing? It’s certainly possible.

Is Ukraine nothing more than political theatre orchestrated by global elites and executed at the expense of the Ukrainian and other people for some yet-to-be-evident agenda? You can’t discount anything.

The escalation of this conflict was avoidable and there is now neither no easy answers nor stakeholders who inspire trust and confidence. So what’s left?

An offer of peace appears to be on the table and it’s troubling that war drums are drowning out substantive discussion of this development. So we must pray that discussions of the way forward with this prospective offer are met with open hearts and minds. We must pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray for those helping them to escape harm and the horrors of war. Pray for those opening their countries and their homes as people flee war-torn areas. Pray also for the people of America and Russia. Neither country’s government seem concerned for its people’s welfare. Pray that our leaders put aside their agendas (petty and otherwise) and instead work to find a peace with which all involved can live.

I’ve never ended a column like this, but then again, I’ve never experienced a time such as this and suspect many would agree. So in the meantime, stay safe, stay smart and remember, courage is contagious. Try spreading some around.

Lou Ann Anderson worked in central Texas talk radio as both a host and producer and currently hosts Political Pursuits: The Podcast. Her tenure as Watchdog Wire–Texas editor involved covering state news and coordinating the site’s citizen journalist network. As a past Policy Analyst with Americans for Prosperity–Texas, Lou Ann wrote and spoke on a variety of issues including the growing issue of probate abuse in which wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney are used to loot assets from intended heirs or beneficiaries.

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