Wallace move to CNN+ is a strategy from CEO Zeff Zucker to damage FOX News

There’s a lot more to the Chris Wallace move than a simple “good riddance.”

Wallace is going to be the centerpiece of a CNN effort to discredit FOX News as “radicalized.”

CEO Jeff Zucker is well aware that Wallace is further left than most of the FOX airstaff.

He had just saved $20,000,000 when Rachel Maddow turned him down for the new streaming service.

(Just what we need. More CNN.)

Video:  Are the first words out of Stelter’s mouth a lie?  Was this really a “surprise” to him?  And how much of what he says in this segment was dictated by CNN boss Jeff Zucker?

I believe that Zucker does not seriously want Wallace.

Wallace probably said “no” several times. But like a college football coach, the money reaches a point where “yes” is all about the dollars.

The “FOX News is radicalized” campaign started with Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources.”

Video: MSNBC reacts to Wallace’s quick departure from FOX News

Stelter is Zucker’s mini-me and for not a second do I believe that Stelter wrote his own opening monologue.

He hinted that Wallace was headed for CNN and went straight to the reason that Wallace left FOX: radicalization of the network. That’s why it was worth millions to Zucker to have this chance to brand FOX the way he wants.

It won’t work. CNN is already a laughing stock among true journalists and has been radicalized for years.

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