Random Samplings 39: When the Truth Is Found To Be Lies

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind — I’m Lynn Woolley
To tell the truth not much truth is told.

ISSUE ONE: What kind of fools do you think we are?

We The People are not as collectively stupid as Joe Biden’s handlers think. We say “handlers” because Joe isn’t cognizant enough to answer the simplest question.

So his surrogates lie for him.


For example, the Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, says there is no border crisis and that the border is not open.

We’re told by Janet Yellen, the Fed head, that Biden’s $6 Trillion dollar spend-a-rama will not cause the inflation we’re already seeing.

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann).

The administration’s official position on unemployment is that COVID is to blame and not the big unemployment checks that are still going to people that ought to have jobs.

And Biden just said his economic plan is working — as the most dismal jobs report in memory came out.

It makes you wonder whether Biden is lying more to the American people – or to himself.

ISSUE TWO: Circle Back Psaki.

Jen Psaki, like other presidential press secretaries, does not go before the cameras to clear things up. Her job is to spin and obfuscate when the President’s policies are screwing up the country.

So when faced with hard questions about mask-wearing, she just says, “we follow the science,” which ought to spur some questions about sex-change operations, but never does.

Reacting to other uncomfortable questions – usually from FOX News’ Peter Doocy, since most of the White House Press Corps are left-wing hacks – she says, “I’ll circle back on that.” Psaki knows the answer, but to tell the truth would not be good for Democrats, so she refuses to comment.

It makes you wish for the days when the late Tony Snow was press secretary for George W. Bush. Snow could tell the truth and still make W look good.

ISSUE THREE: Local government flaks.

Ask yourself this: if you were a reporter, would you rather interview President Joe Biden or his press secretary? Of course, Jen Psaki speaks for the President, but Uncle Joe is the President.

It’s much the same at the local level where cities, counties, and school districts have lately taken to hiring PR spokesmen. That means that mayors, county judges, and overpaid school superintendents don’t have to face the media at a time of crisis or any other time.

These “spokesmen” are often paid up to $150,000 a year out of taxpayer money. I have an idea that this new trend comes from city, county and ISD lobbying organizations such as the Texas Municipal League, but in any case there is only one way to stop it and force government officials to talk. Newspapers and broadcast journalists should refuse to quote the PR flaks.

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Stay tuned for more Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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