Random Samplings 30: Big Liberal Lies Biden Uses to Control Us and CNN’s FOX News Obsession

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind — I’m Lynn Woolley 

And yes, I’m mad!  But who isn’t?  Just a sampling of my state of mind.

ISSUE ONE: The biggest Left-Wing lies.

Honestly, it’s hard to choose. Without trying hard, I jotted down ten of them.

First is what libs call “The Big Lie” that the election of 2020 was strong and secure. It was anything but when Democrat-run states changed all the rules using the pandemic as a weapon.

Screenshot from CNN via Fox News.

The Left lies about the so-called Capitol “insurrection” during which the only person killed was a young woman shot to death by a capitol policeman. Meanwhile, the deadly summer race riots are called “peaceful.”

Another Lie is that lockdowns worked. Florida and Texas were nothing like California and New York and had fewer deaths. CBS News decided to use its venerable “60 Minutes” to run a deceptively edited piece about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and has taken heat for lying.

Stay tuned for more Big liberal Lies. And don’t worry; I have more than enough to choose from.

ISSUE TWO: Left-Wing lies – the sequel.

Biden tells us there’s no crisis at the border, even though we have eyes to see. He says killing all the Keystone XL Pipeline jobs will somehow benefit the climate. He doesn’t seem to understand that corporations will pass their soon-to-be-higher taxes on to the consumer.

Biden lied on ESPN about the Georgia Election Law and got four pinocchios from the left-wing Washington Post.

Video:  This was posted on April Fool’s Day — very appropriate. Biden talks about COVID  and then at about the 6-minute mark, she asks him about the MLB boycott of Georgia. He proceeds to use the “Jim Crow on steroids” lie.   

Some 50 former intelligence officials signed a statement that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was Russian disinformation – but they were lying. It really was Hunter’s laptop and it was loaded with filth.

Finally, the lie that George Floyd was murdered by a cop’s knee and his drug overdose and enlarged heart had absolutely nothing to do with it. Remember the “underlying morbidity” issue with COVID? Floyd had several hidden morbidities that led to his death.

ISSUE THREE: CNN’s FOX News obsession.

 CNN’s Sunday morning media show “Reliable Sources” would be dangerous if anybody watched CNN – but thankfully, few people do. The show has turned into a weekly screed against FOX News and its biggest star, Tucker Carlson.

Video:  CNN’s chief FOX News-hater and obsessive propagandist plies his trade,  accusing Tucker Carlson of being the liar.  Watch the ADL use race to smear Carlson.   

Host Brian Stelter uses his platform to goad the Murdoch family into firing Carlson. When Carlson stated the obvious – that Biden wants to bring millions of potential Democrat voters across the border with the idea of flipping Texas, Stelter screams White Supremacy!

Biden’s fake empathy notwithstanding, there is no other discernible reason to open the borders and create a major crisis. Stelter and his pals at the despicable Anti-Defamation League may slander him every Sunday, but thankfully, Tucker isn’t relegated to a propaganda outlet such as CNN. Tucker is our most important voice.

Stay tuned for more Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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