Conservatives Should Converge on Texas and Make it America’s Sanctuary

This is going to be like no column I’ve ever written.

That’s because I’m angry. Very angry. In the space of a month, the country I love – the country that millions of people from around the world risk their lives to reach – has been taken to the precipice.

The United States of America is in danger of toppling. 

It may be too late to stop it. Woke universities have created bands of Marxists that are storming our cities.   Abetted by a domestic terrorist group called Black Lives Matter and who knows what else – Antifa, the Russians, the Chinese, George Soros, Bill Gates – who knows for sure – my country has descended into the pits of hell.

Making all this worse is virtue signaling companies like Disney (the worst of the worst) to Uber and Target. Even Chik-fil-A has become an egregious left-wing company that is as bad as any other. Never mind trying to boycott them because there are too many.

Dallas from Reunion Tower in 2017 (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

I have a plan.

Texas is a big state with lots of land and 30 million people. As Californians have moved here in droves to escape high taxes and general governmental stupidity, they have started to turn Texas into a blue hellhole. Our big cities – Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio – have become pits of liberalism. Only Fort Worth has some semblance of sanity. It’s time to turn that around.

I once wrote a column about states “declaring” that they are liberal or conservative so that people who move there will know what they’re getting into. That was before the craziness started.

That is not likely to work anymore. When you count all of academia, Hollywood, major newspapers, all the TV networks except FOX News Channel, and woke companies, the United States is crawling with progressives who will never stop the destruction and looting of our cities. They will never stand up to Black Lives Matter.

As conservatives we must stake out our territory and defend it.

Traditionalists like us will never make inroads in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts, and other left-wing states that are given to political correctness and mob rule. It’s just not going to happen. I know that folks on the Right often think liberals will see the destruction and come to their senses. They’re not that intelligent.

This Bible verse on the University of Texas Main Building is not revered by the institution. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

We live in a nation where insane, left-wing college professors have indoctrinated our youth to the point where they cannot think. They hold no regard for tradition, rule of law, or freedom of speech. We’ve seen that. They signal this very thing every time they tear down a precious and valuable artifacts and break store windows and act like loons. We don’t have time to wait for them to grow up, if they ever do.

So let’s take Texas. Let take it and force the left out of our institutions.

How do we do this? Simple, but it will be hard to convince people to do it.   Conservatives from all over the country must pull a Davy Crockett. If you’re in a left-wing state, simply say:

“You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

Crockett was not happy after losing his Tennessee bid for the U.S. Congress – so he picked up his bags and headed west where he would eventually die at the Alamo in the cause of freedom. Now think about those liberal states I mentioned and consider how many dispossessed conservatives live there. There may not be many in Massachusetts – but there are some.

So do it! Pack your bags. Leave the left-wing pit behind. Converge on Texas and find the type of place you enjoy and set up shop. Remember, we have big cities, small towns, forests, piney woods, Gulf coast, mountains – you name it. We’re like a whole other country.

Vertical Austin – The Independent on 11-19-18 (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

But move to the big cities first. That’s where we need to drive the nutcases out of office.

Let’s start in Austin. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it has a capitol that rivals the one in Washington, D.C. It also has a mayor (Steve Adler at this writing) and a city council that are left-wing crazies. Then, there’s the University of Texas, which appears to be a lost cause. We ought to shut it down and start over. The buildings are nice and could be used to start a new UT – one with diversity of thought instead of just skin color. This will not be easy, but we could do it with enough numbers.

Dallas and Houston are cesspools of left-wing activism. We need to change city and county officials there, too. And San Antonio’s city council recently tried to oust Chik-fil-A from its airport. One would imagine that the new, more woke Chik-fil-A is more welcome.

Lynn on the San Antonio Riverwalk 8-11-19 (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

The current governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott is a nice guy. But he’s allowed the universities to go left-wing bat-crazy by naming big donors to be regents instead of conservatives. So he can shape up, or we need a new governor. Our Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, is about as conservative as you can get.

With massive numbers of voters, we can reorder state government to be traditional constitutionalists. That’s we need.

What about our congressional delegation?

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are both Republicans. Cornyn needs to be more like Cruz, or we should replace him. All we need are bigger blocs of voters and we can do it.

Our congressional delegation needs a redo. My congressman, for example, is John Carter of Round Rock who works hard to “fight” all the time, but when you look at him closely, he’s fighting for John Carter. He should go.

Change our cities with massive numbers. Change our elected officials. Change our universities.

We can do this is if we can get disaffected conservatives in liberal states to move here. If you’re one of them, consider this – you can’t make a difference in Oregon, but you can here. So come on down. Real conservatives only, please. We do not want Texas to become like the pit you’re escaping from.

Together, we can protect our statues, our monuments, the names of our cities, schools and military installations, and stop the lunacy that is gripping the rest of the nation.

Any conservative contiguous state that wants to join in – please step up to the plate. I’m thinking Oklahoma and Arkansas. Louisiana and New Mexico could apply – but they don’t seem eligible just yet.

My book, “Clear Moral Objectives” discussed all this way back in 2003.

Yes, we should remain part of the United States of America.

Secession is a messy business. Maybe, if we became the only major conservative state, the rest of the states would kick us out. That’d be fine. But in Texas we’d passionately subscribe to a set of traditional values:

  • The Constitution would mean what it says it means.
  • The freedoms outlined in the First Amendment would be strictly enforced.
  • That includes the right to bear arms.
  • Peaceful protests would be peaceful or they would not be tolerated.
  • All speech would be protected.
  • The traditional family would be revered and encouraged.
  • LGBTQ people would be welcome but would get no special rights.
  • Biological males and females would compete and potty with others of their birth sex.
  • Statues would stand, but other statues of opposing viewpoints would be erected.
  • Politicians would be expected to be honest and work for the people.
  • Colleges and Universities would become centers of debate and free speech.
  • All our schools would teach actual history including American Exceptionalism.
  • No one would ever be judged or treated differently due to color of skin.
  • Blacks and whites would work together to improve the inner city and make it safe.
  • Vandals, anarchists, and looters need not apply.
  • Convicted criminals of all colors would do their time.
  • Our southern border would be strictly enforced and Mexico would help.
  • Diversity would be replaced with unity and merit for all people of all colors.
  • Abortion would become rare, used only when medically necessary.

There’s more, but that’s the general idea.

And if we implement these ideas, the liberals will become miserable and want to live somewhere that they can be miserable in the way that they want — under socialism with no statues and like-minded leftists.

We need big numbers of conservatives because we may have to fight the federal government for semi-autonomy like Hong Kong is fighting Mainland China.

So come on down.

Bring your conservative, pro-America values to Texas and let’s set about the task of making the Lone Star State a sanctuary for people who love this country, her traditions, the Constitution, and our heritage. If we don’t do something like this, the country may not survive.

The radical Left is going to push for statehood for the District of Columbia (adding two more liberal senators and one liberal representative), for abolishing the Electoral College; for packing the Supreme Court with liberals, and for a new constitution. They even want a new name for the United States of America.

The new anthem will be “Imagine” because all the terrible things John Lennon hoped for in that song are coming true. So here’s my version of the song:

Imagine you’re in Texas.
It’s easy if you try.
All you need’s a U-haul.
Tell the libs goodbye.

Imagine all the people
Knowing right from wrong.

You may think I’m a dreamer.
You may think that I’m not well.
But head for Texas just like Davy
And the rest of you can go to hell.

John Lennon would be proud!

TEXAS! Land of the free and the brave.   A sanctuary where ALL people are considered equal and no one is judged on the basis of skin color or what their long-dead ancestors may have done.

Who’s with me?

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