Black Lives Matter Turns Area Around White House Into a Ghetto

Column by Lynn Woolley
Photos by Julie Sullivan

MANASSAS, VA: As I write this on Monday night, Tucker Carlson is telling us how the statue of Andrew Jackson across the street from the White House is being taken down by anarchists. Just yesterday, I stood (with Julie Sullivan, the Lady of Logic) in front of that statue and together we wondered how long it would stand.

The answer was one more day.  Almost.

The statue would have been toppled before I finished writing this column, but police apparently stopped it after the vandals already had it roped.

The Andrew Jackson statue photographed on the day before peaceful protesters tried to tear it down.

It was a sad walk through Lafayette Park, a part of the national capital that we’ve all visited, or desired to, in order to see the history of the Greatest Country Ever. Right now, it looks like a war zone.

Black Lives Matter has taken over the area around St. John’s Church and has turned it into a ghetto.

The area is now replete with fencing to try to keep vandals away from historic statues, vulgar anti-American signs by the hundreds, spray-painted graffiti – usually, hateful and against President Trump, and that huge mural you’ve seen on TV that covers the entire street with the words BLACK LIVES MATTER and DEFUND THE POLICE. The street has been renamed Black Lives Matter Way. This is thanks to Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser who marches with the anarchists.

St. John’s Church has been trashed and turned into a homeless camp.

A tent and graffiti at St. John’s Church.

Nothing is sacred to these left-wing rioters. Yesterday – Sunday – we ventured into this area, parking along the 1700 block of Pennsylvania. We warned each other to be careful since anyone who disagrees may be attacked by the peaceful protesters.

St. John’s Church trashed.

We were careful, but I took a chance and did a live Facebook video with far less commentary than I did in the prior three protests that we’ve covered live. Had I been heard with pro-Trump comments, my phone would have been stolen from me by the mob and would have been crushed. So I did a feed of mostly video with just some commentary.

Another tent on the Church grounds with a giant BLM mural in the background.

The video clearly shows the newly named street with the huge yellow letters and the sad pit that St. John’s Church has become. I’ve not heard a word about this –even though CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Media have railed against President Trump for removing “peaceful protesters” so he could walk over and hold up a Bible.

A scene near the Church.

Near the Church.

I’m waiting for CNN to explain to me why peaceful protesters had to be forcibly removed. It seems like all the Secret service had to do was simply ask. The answer is that they were not peaceful and they were not going to move. In the media, a President of the United States wanting to hold up a Bible in front of a church is more disturbing than the vandals that have desecrated the church. Remember, they tried to burn part of it down.

The video also shows the statue, which I may have referred to as Stonewall instead of Andrew Jackson. That will forever be one of the final videos of a grand American statue.

We were not there during the night – thank God!

Lynn with the Secret Service.

There is no way a couple of white people could have survived at night unless we were carrying BLM signage. We were there in the mid afternoon, perusing the damage and the vandalism, listening to a militant shouting his displeasure with our country through a bullhorn, and walking by the dozens of booths that have sprung up selling BLM T-shirts, caps, and other such items that any American would want to collect.

BLM signs with White House in the background.

More signs.

And more.

Lynn with signs and the White House.

The signs were seemingly never ending.

Folks, this is across the street from the White House.

It was nasty and it was filthy. Coronavirus is just one of the diseases that might be spread there.

If this is what BLM’s Marxist utopia is going to be like, count me out. But I may have to deal with it as will you. Very few leaders are speaking out against the vandalism of state and federal property. Almost no law enforcement agencies are empowered to stop it.

Part of the street mural.

More of the mural.

President Trump decries it in vain. So the statues are defiled and come down and the monuments are spray-painted with graffiti. Our leaders – ALL Democrats, and most Republicans like Rep. John Carter in my district and probably your member of Congress are simply calculating how best to get reelected.

We did see a couple of people who professed to love the country.

Pro-Trump protester Greg Alfano and Lynn.

One man held a selfie stick and was doing a webcast decrying the violence and the vandalism, and standing up for President Trump. He was standing next to three Secret Service agents and I don’t blame him. He had made a special version of the Flag to show support for the President and Julie took my picture with him. I gave him a Planet Logic business card.

The Great American Experiment in Democracy may be about to end.

We have a Marxist, communist, subversive revolution going on in America that seemingly seeks to overthrow the existing government and replace it with some kind of forced equality – a left-wing socialist utopia that will render us all equally miserable. That means the land of opportunity that millions seek to enter could become just another third-world hellhole.

We may not need to build a wall because if BLM succeeds, no one will want to come here.

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Julie Sullivan is a Texas-based respiratory therapist and a contributor to WBDaily.

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