AG Barr Has NOT Indicted Clapper, Page or Baker

Evidence Warranted Prosecutions a Year Ago

CORRECTION: The “James Baker” referred to by Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell is NOT the former general counsel for the FBI. Instead, it is Department of Defense official, James Baker, who is head of Office of Net Assessment. Former FBI general counsel Baker was being investigated for leaks and left the FBI in 2018 but is not the person Powell refers to in her filing.

Attorney General William Barr has not announced the indictment of former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper. Yet, in 2017, Clapper allegedly told a Washington Post reporter to “take the kill shot” on Lt. General Michael Flynn. This is according to a court filing by Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell in October of 2019.

Secondly, Barr has not announced the indictment of former FBI general James Baker. In her filing, Powell alleged Baker leaked Flynn’s name to the Washington Post, a felony.

In addition, Barr has not announced the indictment of former FBI attorney Lisa Page. Powell asserted in that same filing that Page altered the 302 of Flynn’s interview with Peter Strzok on January 24, 2017.

If Powell’s assertions are true, Clapper committed treason while both Baker and Page committed felonies. Also if true, Barr knows it and had to have known it before Powell did.

U.S. Attorney John Durham has not interviewed Clapper. Durham has also not interviewed former CIA Director John Brennan.

Powell filed her report within hours of a report that said Durham was “very interested” in interviewing senior Obama administration officials. Presumably, Brennan and Clapper are both on that list.

However, if Durham’s focus shifted to senior officials like Clapper and Brennan in October, why has he interviewed neither man nearly a year later?

Barr appointed Durham to lead an investigation into the origins of the special counsel probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. As such, why hasn’t Durham indicted Clapper, Baker or Page yet? Certainly, the Flynn case is central to the Russia investigation.

Flynn Case Stands on its Own

There are plenty of Obama administration officials who committed crimes. Waiting for a comprehensive investigation to conclude with mass indictments is a fool’s errand. Clapper, Baker and Page are all holding smoking guns. Each of them helped to railroad Flynn.

In other words, they are all overly ripe for the plucking.

Barr and Durham are stalling. They have no intention of indicting those responsible for the biggest political scandal in American history. If they did, Clapper, Baker and Page would have been indicted by now.

Flynn’s case stands alone and does not need to be a part of the larger investigation into the origins of Robert Mueller’s work as special counsel. Subsequently, neither Barr nor Durham has a reason not to indict them. The only conceivable reason would be that Durham is offering these bad actors immunity in exchange for testimony against bigger fish.

Those “bigger fish” are not as big as Barack Obama or Joe Biden and Barr has already taken any investigation of them off the table.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped its case against Flynn last month. As a result, it conceded prosecutors committed wrongdoing. Coupled with Powell’s assertions, the DOJ came even closer to conceding Clapper, Baker and Page should all be indicted.

However, the DOJ secured an unlikely ally in Judge Emmet Sullivan, who refused to honor the DOJ’s request to dismiss the case. While using twisted logic, Sullivan is prosecuting Flynn from the bench.

Public Must Hold Barr and Durham Accountable

As of this writing, Barr has been Attorney General for 494 days and has not indicted one deep state criminal. Furthermore, Durham has not interviewed two of the top Obama administration officials at the heart of the case – Brennan and Clapper.

However, for some reason, conservatives and Trump supporters continue to trust that Barr and Durham will deliver. The problem is that there is no indication that either man is conducting a real investigation. We’ve been here before. The investigations all play out the same. Each one drags on for a year or more and then those in charge of them conclude without any recommendations for prosecution or any prosecutions based on recommendations.

During an appearance on Lou Dobbs on June 12th, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton predicted there would be no prosecutions. To this point, Fitton is the biggest name in conservative media to make such a claim.

Ever since Barr was confirmed as AG, conservatives have given him nothing but deference and praise. Instead, they should be demanding accountability from him and Durham. As a result, each man has been able to stall and avoid doing their jobs.

Had they been doing their jobs, Clapper, Baker and Page would have been indicted by now. Instead, Durham is about to wind down his investigation and we will be told to trust the next investigation.

What is the next investigation? Barr already planted the seeds by when he appointed U.S. Attorney John Bash to lead it, last month. What’s Bash investigating? The issue of Obama administration officials unmasking members of the Trump campaign and administration.

Not only does that very thing fall under Durham’s purview but if Powell is right, Durham has known for a year now that Baker leaked Flynn’s name to the press.

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