US Atty John Bash to Take Baton From Durham To Run Out Clock

As Durham Case Wraps Up Without Indictments, Deep State will have Another Ongoing Investigation

Attorney General William Barr has opened a new investigation into Deep State crimes. U.S. Attorney John Bash will lead it. Barr has tasked Bash with investigating the matter of Obama administration officials unmasking members of the Trump campaign and administration.

This is a highly suspicious move. The Durham investigation has been going for more than a year. Isn’t this issue under Durham’s purview? Why didn’t Bash just join his team? Why the need for a separate investigation?

Unfortunately, this follows a Deep State Department of Justice (DOJ) pattern.

Identifying Deep State Playbook

The Barr / Durham investigation represents the sixth investigation into Deep State crimes, since 2015. In April of that year, the State Department Inspector General (IG) opened an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Thirteen months later, the IG closed the investigation and recommended no indictments. Five investigations ensued after that IG investigation, including Durham’s in May of last year.

One thing all these investigations share in common is their duration; all last about one year. Another thing these investigations all share is zero indictments. While Durham’s investigation isn’t over, the U.S. Atty for Connecticut has been investigating his case for one year.

As each investigation concluded without consequences, Americans demanding justice, though disappointed, turned their eyes to the next “pending” investigation.

That is what makes the timing of the Bash investigation so revealing. When the American people are let down by Durham’s impending announcement that there will be no prosecutions, too many will place hope in Bash.

Election Season Will Give Barr and Durham An Out

In December of last year, Barr indicated that Durham’s investigation would wrap up right about now:

“You know, there’s some people who think this thing is going to drop in a few weeks. That’s not the case. I see this, perhaps, reaching an important watershed perhaps in the late spring, early summer.”

Then, just a month ago, Bar indicated that Durham may not be done until late summer. This brings it ever closer to having a direct impact on the election.

Do not expect the Durham investigation to lead to any indictments; such an outcome follows the Deep State playbook.

You can also expect that Bash’s investigation will end with a whimper if Trump is not re-elected.

If Trump is re-elected, you can expect Bash’s investigation to last about a year with predictable results.

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