School Choice and the Bellstocracy (PODCAST)

Bell County, Texas is Ground Zero in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s crusade to empower parents and give them school choice.  Why Bell County?  Because it’s the home of longtime politician Hugh Shine who strongly opposes parent’s right to decide the best school for their children—like rich parents can do.

This negative ad was paid for by the Hugh Shine campaign (Scan by WBDaily)

Lynn Woolley of Planet Logic and Lou Ann Anderson of Political Pursuits the Podcast team up for a close-up of Rep. Shine’s increasingly personal and nasty campaign again Belton mom and political newcomer Hillary Hickland.


The Temple Daily Telegram covered the story in its March 2 edition, but left out key facts.  You can find the complete story in Lou Ann’s column on Substack.

In this episode of Planet Logic, we’ll talk about the Shine negative campaign in which he compares Hillary Hickland to Hillary Clinton and how similar it is to a campaign being waged in the Hill Country near Austin against another proponent of school choice, Ellen Troxclair.

Our opinion is that this is a packaged campaign that left-wing political consultants sell to anti-parent politicians such as Shine.

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Compare Shine’s ad to this far milder one paid for by the Hickland campaign. (Scan by WBDaily)

Also note an op-ed in the March 2/3 edition of the Wall Street Journal which praises Gov. Abbott’s fight for school choice and mentions Hillary Hickland. (See scan below.)

Hickland has the endorsements of Gov. Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Attorney general Ken Paxton, and presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Rep. Shine has the endorsement of most Bell County movers and shakers (The Bellstocracy) and would appear to be heavy favorite within the education community.

The General Election is May 5.

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