Is the World waking up to the Dangers of Globalism?

Former “Climate Czar John Kerry – the face of global elitism. (Photo: Public Domain)

In America, we call it MAGA – Make America Great Again.  In Europe, they call it Brexit – England’s breakaway from the borderless European Union.  Call it what you will, but all across the globe, people are noticing the dangers of allowing a select few elites to run the world.

These are the people that believe in erasing borders, redistributing wealth due to Climate Change, and essentially running your life as they see fit – while they are exempt from their own rules.

Donald Trump is the face of the anti-globalist movement, and that’s why they will say anything – do anything – to defeat him.

Is this a real movement?  There are signs that it is.  The biggest sign of all is that in the name of freedom, elites are trying to put Trump in jail.

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Meanwhile at the World Economic Forum in Davos, things got a bit testy.

Headlines were made all over the world when the head of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, went on CNBC and stated matter-of-factly that Trump is right about many things.  He cited the economy, the border, and other parts of the Trump administration’s policies that were right on target.  Liberal heads were exploding all over the world.

Argentina President Javier Milei was just as blunt.  He told attendees that his rise to power was a message of people desiring freedom. Speaking of his election he said that…

“I did not come here to guide lambs. I came here to awaken lions.”

Dr. Kevin Roberts, head of the Heritage Foundation, and formerly the head of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, appeared on a panel and shocked the moderator.  Echoing the great Ronaldus Maximus (Ronald Reagan), he stated that the global elites have become the problem.  Had anyone ever had the balls to say that to their face, during their annual left-wing confab?  Roberts may have started a trend.

Dimon, who is a well-known leftist and Obama supporter, may have had some ulterior motive for making his confessions to CNBC, but he did it.  He was right.  Milei spoke in support of freedom – of populism.  Roberts placed the blame where it belongs.

People all over the world are waking up to the idea that left-wing policies are making their lives worse.

Think about it.  When liberals control your life instead of you, everything goes wrong.  Here’s a list of liberal blunders that you and your neighbors are likely noticing.

  • The “give me your tired, your poor” idea of obliterating borders has caused chaos and death in Europe and in America.
  • So-called “sanctuary cities” are run by hypocrites such as New York Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson who really don’t want illegals in their towns.
  • Appeasing evil nations like North Korea, China, Russia, and organizations like Hamas leads to wars.
  • Progressive colleges are not worth the cost of tuition and their leaders can’t even denounce genocide.
  • The defunding of police has led to record homicides and other crimes in left-wing cities typically run by Democrats.
  • America has a two-tiered system of justice as evidenced by the fact that Hillary Clinton walking free, while January 6 rioters had the book thrown at them.
  • Merit is virtually dead in America (except for sports), while people are now judged by their skin color and sexual orientation.
  • Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other left-wing activists are not prosecuted with the same zeal that DOJ employs against the Right.
  • In America, as in many third-world countries, the ruling party feels empowered to put its main competitor in jail.
  • The Mainstream Media has ceased reporting news and has essentially become a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.
  • The current administration seeks to eliminate fossil fuels and force you into electric vehicles that won’t work in cold weather.
  • Democrats will do what it takes to win an election and are unencumbered by election laws or rules, and the Media will suppress stories that might damage their candidates.

This is a short list.  It could go on forever.  The question:  Are people noticing – here at home and across the world?  Yes, your life is worse since Biden took office – far worse!  Biden has nothing to run on other than attacking Donald Trump.  So that’s what he’s doing.


That ought to be a sign that a second Joe Biden administration likely would have no accomplishments either.  Biden would likely get us into more wars, kick inflation into overdrive, explode the National Debt, and bring millions more non-English-speaking illegals into our country until every mayor in every town squeals like Eric Adams.

Don’t think it can’t get worse. 

Biden is a disaster and a grifter and he has been since the start.  He’s a Big Government lifer, with no concept of how the other half lives.  And America isn’t the only country that needs a change.  The entire European Union is a mess, largely due to unfettered immigration.  And World War III is looming unless the world’s free nations band together to stop it.

How many free nations are left?  How many are not wallowing in debt as America is?  How many people in the world are coming to see that global elitism is not the answer to global crises?  No one knows the answer to that question, but we learned something from the latest snob-fest at Davos.  Some of the elites are willing to speak out, both from the Left and the Right.

Maybe there’s a movement afoot.  Maybe not.  Maybe counties will protect their borders, their languages, and their cultures.  Maybe they won’t.  Maybe the people will start to matter again.  Maybe we never will.  But there is reason to be optimistic.

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