Congressman John Carter spends millions while cutting spending

I don’t mean to pick on Congressman Carter, but he sent me his newsletter and something jumped out at me.

Congressman Carter’s newsletter, December 2023, Page 1. In line 5, he claims to be “fighting” to cut spending. (Scan: WBDaily)

On page one of this four-page, four-color newsletter printed and mailed at taxpayer expense, he bragged about “fighting” to cut spending.  On page three, he touted more than $73 million dollars that he apparently “fought” for to bring back to his district that includes Bell and Williamson counties.

Page 3 of the newsletter is devoted to how much Carter has brought back to his district in pork-barrel spending. (Scan: WBDaily)

Some of the cash will go to Fort Cavazos.  The rest goes to cities and counties for stuff such as a pedestrian bridge, wastewater plant expansion, road development and other items that ought to be none of the federal government’s business.

This is what we call “pork,” and the unfortunate thing is that Carter isn’t the only one who brings it home.

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Congressman Carter serves District 31, a six-county area that butts up to Fort Cavazos (that most people in the Killeen area still refer to as Fort Hood). 

The Congressman obviously enjoys getting the credit for funding projects at the Post, even though as a major cog in the nation’s military preparedness efforts, Cavazos/Hood would be getting the money regardless of who represents the area.  Any local congressman who didn’t support the Post would draw the ire of local powers-that-be.

As for the other cities and counties on Carter’s pork-list, they enjoy getting stuff from Washington too.  And U.S. Representative John Rice Carter is happy to step up the plate and bring home the bacon.  That’s why, at 82 years old (a year older than Joe Biden), Carter has served in Congress since 2003, is in his 11th term, and is running again.


Carter is in good company. 

Joe Biden has been living off the taxpayer dime for virtually all his adult life, and wants yet another term.  Power is addictive, and most members of the U.S. House and the Senate hang in as long as they can, even to the bitter end.  Robert Byrd, Edward M. Kennedy, and Dianne Feinstein all died while in office.

Spending appears to be what keeps them in power.

If a member of Congress brings home federal money to a city, you can bet the local establishment is all for keeping him.  You may remember when Republicans fought against so-called “earmarks,” but that went down the drain.

Nowadays, they all do it, but some do it more than others.  Nancy Pelosi is famous for wasting taxpayer money on local projects that are worthless to the rest of the country.  But that’s what helps them stay in office so they do it.  But then they brag about “fighting” to cut spending.  Please.

Note Carter’s newsletter that you paid for:

 On page 1, he literally brags about fighting to cut spending.  Page 3 is dedicated to the $73 million he claims he brought back to the district.  If all 435 members of the U.S. House are doing this – at least to some extent – then are they two-faced when they fire a speaker over failing to worm spending cuts out of the Democrats?

In the same newsletter, Congressman Carter mentions his vote against $4 trillion in new debt. (Scan: WBDaily)

Mike Johnson became Speaker over this issue.  And although most people would claim that government debt doesn’t affect their personal lives, they’re starting to see it happen.

Joe Biden is a major spendthrift, and as our national debt passes the $34 trillion mark, we’re seeing massive inflation, rising home prices, consumer goods costing more and more.  Our dollar is worth only a fraction of what it was before Joe Biden assumed office.

It’s an old trope that Democrats exist to tax and spend, but Republicans do it too.  How can we ever expect to cut useless federal agencies like the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce and so on, if we can’t stop the feds from funding a pedestrian bridge in Burnet?

At the very least, please stop telling us you’re “fighting” to cut spending, while also bragging about how much you have spent.

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