Left-Wing Logic Is Completely Insane

Political cartoon by the great Tom Stiglich says it all – 12/13/23. (Fair use.)

As impeachment heats up, the Democrats’ defense of Joe Biden seems to be: There is no credible evidence. 

What are they talking about? 

There’s Joe’s emails and text messages, whistleblower testimony, Joe’s expensive cars and vacation homes, bank records, and Joe’s comment about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired by leveraging American aid.

And what was the “credible evidence” about Trump? 

It came from oppo research known as the Steele Dossier.  It was made up, and likely came from Russian sources.  Where’s a logic here?  How can Dems look at a fake document and call it credible, but dismiss what the House Oversight Committee has on Biden?  It’s liberal, left-wing logic, and it makes no sense.

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Liberal Logic is on display in every issue you can name.

ANTISEMITISM:  The presidents of three of America’s most prestigious universities found it logical to say that supporting genocide against Jews is conditional.

WAR:  The Biden administration, in trying to tell Prime Minster Netanyahu how to run a “proportional” war ignores the atrocities of Hamas – the terrorist organization that started the war.

SEX:  It is the Left that seems to think you can cut off your sex organs, replace them with fabricated ones, and become something you’re not and never can be.

PRONOUNS:  Liberals believe xyr opinons on pronouns should be enforced with misgendering laws, in order that xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, and/or ey/em/eir are not offended.

MARKETING:  Left-wing companies such as Disney, Target, and Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light) seem to think that America has gone off its rocker, and that the new norm, which ought to be glorified in advertising, is anything related to LGBTQIA.

EDUCATION:  left-wing logic holds that parents who want to move their kids out of schools that promote the gay agenda and are failing academically ought to be denied the school choice that wealthy parents have.

IMMIGRATION:  This is Joe Biden logic, telling us that millions of people crossing in to the United States illegally, some on the terrorist watch list, amounts to secure borders.

DIVERSITY:  Kamala Harris is Vice President and Claudine Gay is president of Harvard.  That’s all you need to know.

INFLATION:  Keynesian liberals believe the way to a strong economy is trillions of dollars each year in deficit spending and higher taxes.

ABORTION:  The only liberals that believe babies in the womb are dispensable have already been born.

INSURRECTION:  Liberal logic dictates that a one-day riot of the U.S. Capitol during which one protester was shot to death by a Capitol policeman is insurrection, but an entire summer of Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots and murders is not.

AFGHANISTAN:  Liberal logic would have us believe that the Capitol Breach was worse than Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 11 American servicemen dead, hundreds of Afghans dead, and billions of dollars of military equipment in the hands of our enemies.

MILITARY:  Liberal logic tells us that the best ways to keep our armed forces strong is to make sure they are diverse and that taxpayers fund travel for abortions when a servicewoman wants one.

HOMELESS:  The Left believes that the homeless problem is best addressed by providing housing and even drugs, and holding no person accountable for his own actions.

ENVIRONMENT:  Left-wing logic holds that wind and solar are the “renewable” energy of the future, even though they are nowhere as dependable as fossil fuels, and could send developing nations back to the Dark Ages.

CLIMATE CHANGE:  Nutcase leftists have been making wrong predictions for decades and still expect people to believe their climate alarmism.

AUTHORITARIANISM:  The same president that wants to take away your gasoline-powered car, your gas range, and who commanded you to mask up and get vaccinated, is the same president who calls Donald Trump an authoritarian.

POLITICS:  Democrats tell us that life under Joe Biden, with open borders, the fentanyl crisis, rampant inflation, and two wars is better than Donald Trump’s near-perfect economy with low inflation, affordable interest rates, and no wars.

I probably left some things out.  You could make your own list.

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