Merrick Garland under fire for Special Counsel appointment

But give the Attorney General credit. Garland knows that the Hunter Biden investigation is really about Joe, and that Hunter’s recent “sweetheart deal” fell apart in court.

So, how to protect Hunter while making it seem as if he isn’t? 

Simple: name a Special Counsel.  That way, Karine Jean-Pierre can use the familiar dodge that she can’t comment because of an ongoing investigation.  And this move will certainly slow James Comer and the Oversight Committee.

But Garland overplayed his hand by naming David Weiss. 

He’s the guy that put together the “Sweetheart Deal” that would have protected the Bidens.  So, now what?  Three things are possible.  First, Hunter’s off the hook and so is Joe.  Second, Weiss actually prosecutes.  And third, Republicans in Congress get mad as hell and fight back.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland (Official Portrait)

If the fish rots from the head down, it seems as if the government is rotting that way too.

All of Joe Biden’s staff seem to be crap weasels.  Look at what is happening to our military – once the most feared in the world, but has now gone woke.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley is part of the problem.  Back in 2021, former President Trump called on Milley to resign because of his defense of studying Critical Race Theory in the military.

Over at Homeland Security, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is an apparent open border advocate and a frequent liar before Congressional committees.  Working under Biden (and perhaps Obama) Mayorkas has destroyed the southern border and created a national crisis that has now spread to northern cities Like New York, while he claims the border is secure.

But the biggest departmental problem that Americans face is the head of the Department of Justice – Attorney General Merrick Garland.  Under his term, the Swamp has perfected the idea of a two-tiered justice system based on two principles:  Attack Trump.  Protect Biden.  With this latest in a series of chess moves between the two sides, he’s created the prefect way to take the heat off of Hunter and Joe.

Will it work?  And what will the media do?

Merrick Garland knows that Republicans will scream.

But he rests easy knowing that Fake Jake Tapper, and Morning Joe Scarborough have his back.  FOX News and the minor conservative cable outlets will give plenty of attention to Hunter in spite of this.  But if CNN largely ignored the story before this appointment, they are likely to totally ignore it now.  The buffoons that pose as journalists on MSNBC are at least open about their left-wing bias, so nothing changes there.

What about the New York Times and the Washington Post? 

Don’t count on major coverage there.  If David Weiss is able to cut off all avenues of information, the NYT and WaPo won’t care anyway.  Democracy only dies in darkness when right-wing scandals are not covered.  When the scandals are left-wing, the Legacy Media is just fine, and this gives them a reason to focus on Trump and not Biden.

Video:  Texas Senator Ted Cruz with maria Bartiromo (8/13/23) says the appointment of David Weiss is “wildly inappropriate.”

How mad will the Republicans be about this?

 Maybe very mad, but never mad enough.  It’s crap like this that made regular Americans decide to storm the Capitol on January 6.  Unlike BLM, their punishment has been swift and well documented.  J6 prosecutions are a warning to conservatives that their protests of government corruption will not be tolerated.

Merrick Garland’s appoint of David Weiss as Special Counsel reeks of corruption and cover-up.  It might turn out not to be, but it seems that way now.

But suppose it really is being used as a way to protect Joe Biden and put the brakes on a scandal that might affect his reelection hopes at the same time that Trump is being indicted and having trial dates set.

Remember, you can’t protest.  You have been warned. 

So, it’s up to a few good members of Congress like James Comer, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and so on.  And right-leaning media has never faced so much scrutiny – and responsibility – than right now.  Without them, “Our Democracy,” (as the Democrats often say with any meaning whatsoever) is in serious trouble.

Note to the Oversight Committee:  If Merrick Garland uses this appointment to shut you down, your next target has to be Merrick Garland.

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